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At high details Crysis ran very poorly at 6 fps , at medium details it was still unplayable at 12 fps. All tests took place in the resolution x Multi-format DVD burner on the left side. S1, as this possesses the same CPU. Furthermore the viewing angles, in particular in the vertical field, aren’t very convincing. The access time was average at Under load the notebook is indeed present at

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The battery is flat, in return really big. Asus sees its new K-series as a low priced introduction to the world of stylish entertainment notebooks.

Review Asus K50IN Notebook

Still, for someone who needs asus k50in lan notebook for writing papers, surfing the Web, and watching movies, the K50 is a solid asus k50in lan. In addition a higher image stability of the display and more bass in the loudspeakers. Overall the application performance for an all-round notebook of this price class is good and completely sufficient for daily use.

A M G runs slightly to clearly faster in Fear 2 with 44 fps in low details and 27 fps in medium details.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Indeed the maximum volume asus k50in lan the two speakers hidden in the front and barely visible from outside could be thoroughly higher, however the tonal qualities don’t need to hide. Only low details at the resolution x ran fluently asus k50in lan an average of 37 fps. Asus k50in lan angles Asus K50IN. It positively comes along that the fan noise is subjectively pleasant and doesn’t make itself noticeable with unpleasant frequency.


Asus K50IN on Ciao. A G M G here reaches a roughly asus k50in lan k50i fps. The two USB 2. However when it comes to the variety of connections, we feel some wishes are left unfulfilled. The l50in hinges work flawlessly, yet they groan partly when opening or closing respectively.

However, what barely disturbed us are the somewhat narrow arrow- and numberpad keys. Further plus points are the hingeswhich reliably hold down their job, however they made themselves noticeable partly with slight groaning. Incidentally the touchpad cannot be deactivated.

From another position the case seems rather brownwhereby above all the scores of the texture appear.

On asus k50in lan look the case seems rather high-gradeon closer inspection however it stands out that above all cheap-looking materials are employed.

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In order to make a comparison to competing products, we have decided to go with the recently reviewed HawkForce Mobile. In newer or hardware-extreme games like Crysis, however, the tide is turned, as here the G M asus k50in lan, like all other integrated graphics saus, is too weak for higher details.

In addition on one hand the workmanship and on the other hand the keyboard barely gives cause for criticism. And as a asus k50in lan of fact: How much Asus has recently been cramming almost all of its notebooks with unnecessary software. Older games can however thoroughly be fluently enjoyed at middle or even high asus k50in lan.


Fear 2 juddered along jauntily at the resolution x4x AA with high details at an average of 7 fps.

Download Asus K50IN Notebook Realtek C Lan Driver for Windows Vista

Thus the low temperature development as well as the low sound development is convincing. Furthermore the viewing angles, in particular in the vertical field, aren’t very convincing.

Solely the unpleasant touchpad asus k50in lan the lukewarm connectivity without HDMI output have disappointed us somewhat. At high details Crysis ran very poorly at 6 fpsat medium details it asus k50in lan still unplayable at 12 fps.

Furthermore we have above all painfully missed an HDMI port, as the image quality for external monitors via the VGA output is rather lukewarm. Headphone output, microphone input, Card Reader: Starting with sound connections not labelled by colour microphone input, headphone outputfollowed by in turn two USB asus k50in lan.

Multi-format DVD burner on the left side.