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It can only be twisted slightly. The Akoya thus trumps the Satellite at single threading tasks thanks to its Ivy Bridge architecture. Thus, the F75A never runs too hot not to remain usable on one’s thighs. The touchpad offers short travel and a clearly tangible and audible pressure point. Due to its negligible sound emissions, the F75A is perfectly suited for quiet environments. The glossy surface and the low contrast ratio work hand in hand to further exaggerate this effect. A hardware manual and a small brochure with warranty information.

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Review Asus F75A-TY089H Notebook

All of them are positioned at the front half of the left side. If one asus f75a looking for a cheap, yet capable gaming laptop offering Both asus f75a Satellite 8. The Asus F75A used outdoors. The same wsus holds true for the GL tests. Even under medium 3D Asus f75a 06 is running or full load stress test, both Prime95 and Furmark are activethe F75A still remains rather quiet, emitting The F75A features a built-in 0.


The maximum is measured underneath the laptop, close to its fan. The Satellite is far louder The F75A comes equipped with asus f75a Wi-Fi antennas.

Not Specified by Manufacturer.

Of course, a matte display would have been helpful in supporting this claim. There is not only an asus f75a resemblance asus f75a the F75A and its smaller brother: The position – whether one taps in the lower left or lower right corner – asua which action is supposed to commence.

Review Asus F75A-TYH Notebook – Reviews

Viewing angle asus f75a is as could be expected at this price point. This problem is less pronounced in the horizontal direction so that the contents of the screen can still be read from an angle, albeit becoming darker.

asus f75a Its application performance is solid, it runs quietly and does not even get hot, thus qualifying itself for usage in the office. Surfing the web, working with office documents, communicating online, video playback – f75z these tasks run effortlessly. With a host of convenient features that translate into a reliable computing experience, the ASUS F75A-WH31 provides reliable performance in a portable enclosure. Both devices sport a casing made of asus f75a plastic.


Their lower side exhibits an angle. The Asus laptop is also capable of handling full HD videos x and H.

ASUS F75A-WH31 ” Notebook Computer (Black) F75A-WH31

There is asus f75a unused memory bank. It is clocked at 2. The speakers are positioned underneath the notebook. Stability is also the same. Temperature remains between Be the first to review this item.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. A downgrade to Windows 7 asus f75a still possible, since all necessary Windows 7 drivers can be found on the Asus website.

A hardware manual and a small brochure with warranty information. Please share our article, every link counts!

The hinges keep the lid firmly in place. Also, the back side asus f75a the lid could have been sturdier. The screen also has a