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This also applies to the Ion solution, which leave netbooks with a typical configuration far behind, but are back in line in comparison to multimedia configurations of larger notebooks. It very quickly comes to visible changes in the vertical viewing area; the image remains stable longer in the horizontal area but annoying reflections turn up quickly. An enormous performance gain can be achieved in a few devices UL range and then again this gain stays within limits in others. Conclusively, there might also be a blue, silver and red alternative of the Asus N. This website uses cookies. We show the least amount of ads possible.

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The heating up of the chassis stays within limits in every operating mode. The fan asus eee 1201n its speed a bit under load, for instance at HD video material rendering, 1021n reaches We also gave Call of Duty 4 a try, which equally ran with only 33 fps on average and jolted visibly in low settings x, low, 0xAA.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The prior border between netbooks and subnotebooks has once again been overstepped.

At the moment, we can only refer to our prototype in the case of the Eee PCN. Though this Netbook will never be confused for a full-fledged laptop in a lineup, opening this little guy up for some serious work will be far more satisfying than on many other ultracompact notebooks. The performance is still only suited for less demanding tasks. Thankfully ASUS went the extra mile and asus eee 1201n the top cover of the battery glossy black, which blends in very well with the top asus eee 1201n of the keyboard bezel.


Even Microsoft Works bustled around on the desktop.

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Screen and Speakers The We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. The Asus N isn’t based, as asus eee 1201n usual for netbooks, on an Intel chip set, but on the nForce i chip set from Nvidia.

1201 reach percent charge it took 4 hours and 28 minutes, 45 minutes longer than the category average of 3 hours and 43 minutes. Just don’t leave the charger at home. The N offers two-finger scrolling, rotating, and pinch zoom, asus eee 1201n well as three-finger flick and three-finger down.

The result is once again only a bit over that of the Samsung 19 fps with an average of The compact netbook also has a resolution, as it’s currently seen in many much larger asus eee 1201n inch notebooks, of x pixels due to an HD resolution. Thus it was very possible to continue working, to surf in the internet and watch Youtube asus eee 1201n within a reasonable speed adjacent to a CPU benchmark SuperPi.

The mentioned function responded well in asus eee 1201n prototype. The speakers on the N, embedded below the base, have ample volume and are good enough 2101n enjoy videos without plugging in headphones. Rendering online content will likely be the most frequent contact point with the issue HD.

This can get very annoying in the long run. Asjs netbooks this puts my finger directly over the Asua arrow. You get a roomy We consider temperatures below 90 degrees to be very pleasant, temps between 90 and 95 to be acceptable, and those above 95 to be unpleasant with temps above being asus eee 1201n unpleasant. Unfortunately, the interface has been placed asus eee 1201n the very front left area, which could get annoying especially for lefties.


Covered in muted glossy black all around–the N is also available in silver–the hinged lid opens to a nice wide angle. Single Ewe, online available, Short, Date: If you look closer at the N’s assessed power consumption you can make conclusions about the asus eee 1201n components built into it.

Unfortunately, the keyboard in our prototype potentially deflected evidently in the left and right halves’ center under pressure and even made a clattering 1201m at typing. The touchpad on the N is aeus Synaptics model with great sensitivity and speed. CNet Two trends are sweeping the asus eee 1201n world of late: An enormous performance gain can be achieved in a few devices UL range and then again this gain stays within limits in others.

Other than the keyboard itself, which runs edge to edge on the N, the only other features on the interior of the EeePC N are a touch-pad control toggle and the power button.