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Latest News Latest Videos. Personally I am not a fan of the shroud, but I also would be unlikely to use a transparent case where it could prove to be an eyesore. The card is billed as a single slot unit, but with the shroud and fan the card takes up two slots. The video outputs are good enough for most people, but not entirely optimal for modern systems and displays. Someone spilled Coffee all over the internet, again.

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Considering that a fully functional Asus eah5750 is clocked natively at MHz, one would think that quite a few HD s can get close to that number.

Left 4 Dead 2 9. This is the second video card from Asus that uses asus eah5750 Formula 1 inspired fan shroud for the heatsink.

Users looking for a little extra asus eah5750 from their eab5750 card and not caring about a slightly more flexible output asus eah5750 would be quite interested in this card. On the flip side though, people wanting to do production type work in a multi-monitor environment are going to have to look elsewhere.

Latest News Latest Videos. SmartDoctor is the overclocking and hardware monitoring program Asjs provides with the card and it does the job it is supposed to. Imagine playing a first person shooter and being able to crawl, walk and run forward – all with the same key. Like an analogue stick on a console controller. Someone asus eah5750 Coffee all over the internet, again. No free games or anything, which would have been nice, but far from necessary.


This means that after several years asus eah5750 use, the Asus fan is more likely to be spinning at full speed vs.


It is almost like F. Asus eah5750 this the future of mechanical keyboards? This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent asus eah5750 spam submissions. Radio Shack could be back? Not many people would argue that the AMD 5xxx series has been asus eah5750 incredible success … fantastic performance, wicked DX11 capabilities while still managing to remain competitively priced.

GamerOSD eah57750 another application which runs a variety features that some gamers may be interested in. Ea5h750 use of solid caps throughout the design, and quite likely Asus has done a custom PCB. The back of the card does not conform to the reference design.

The only real shortcoming to this program asus eah5750 that it limits core overclocking to MHz.

Asus eah5750 these efforts do not go unnoticed by the enthusiast however as their annual turnover is always billions of dollars. The asus eah5750 is not overclocked, but Asus does provide several software suites which improve that functionality. The card does require the 6-pin PCI-E power plug to function.

Enjoy 13% Cooler with ASUS Formula Series Fansink

Far Cry 2 7. Asus are one of the largest and most successful technology companies on the planet right now — producing some of the finest motherboards known to man with particular emphasis on engineering and asus eah5750 quality.


asus eah5750 Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. The video outputs are good enough for asus eah5750 people, but not entirely optimal for modern systems and displays. Somebody at Asus thinks Formula 1 is pretty cool. The eah5705 pulls 86 watts, which is higher than the 75 watts maximum that a PCI-E x16 slot can provide.

ASUS EAH5750 Formula Radeon HD 5750 Video Card Review

Yep, if you look closer you will see that the cooler is shaped to resemble asus eah5750 Formula race car. These asus eah5750 increase the surface area of the fins, plus it introduces turbulence to the airflow, both of which increase the cooling efficiency of the heatsink.

The fan is very quiet at stock speeds, and it features a dust-proof design. Asus asus eah5750 a asus eah5750 packaging that should withstand most bumps and bruises.

The heatsink is smaller overall, but the fin design features grooves. Of course, they are likely not alone in the world considering the overall popularity of that sport.