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With a resolution of x pixels , it grants predominantly maintainable office use and also most websites are still “surfable”. Please share our article, every link counts! The H comes preloaded from the factory with Windows XP Home Edition, as part of an agreement between Microsoft and the various netbook manufacturers to be able to still ship products with Windows XP. It is LED-backlit, like most netbook screens are, and with the matte screen it is bright enough to be readable in direct sunlight. I unconditionally recommend it to anyone in the market for a netbook, as I believe it to be the best one available.

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The maximal volume of these turned out very satisfactorily. However, the H still slid nicely into a shoulder bag and felt extremely light in a backpack.

In the asus 1000h, a short list of the most important multi-touch functions in the Eee H: The H also comes with a Bluetooth asus 1000h, which conforms to the 2.

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Ausstattung gut Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: This year I have gotten the itch again, asus 1000h since I already have a powerful desktop PC, Assus did not really need another powerful notebook. The sound quality turned out acceptable at low volume ; in a louder area, the loudspeakers asus 1000h drained and tinny. These are positioned very user-friendly for that.

With that, a whole row of further functions asus 1000h, besides the control of the cursor and typing instructions, can be applied. Please check with your supplier for exact offers on asus 1000h models. Apart from a few keys, these have now a passable and good to use size of 1.


This is plenty of juice for a cross-country flight and is similar to the 100h0 NB’s runtime. It is extremely fast asus 1000h a mini-notebook, taking seconds to get to the logon screen from boot.

ASUS Eee PC 1000H User Review

asus 1000h Microsoft Works is included, as is Asus 1000h Powerpoint Viewer It is LED-backlit, like most netbook screens are, and with the matte screen asus 1000h is bright enough to be readable in asus 1000h sunlight. The H comes preloaded with some basic software. Please share our article, every link counts! Product specifications may differ from country to country. 0100h pleasing, too, that there is a UMTS version available for the model, which makes a mobile broadband internet access possible, with which the last restrictions for ashs the Eee H melt.

My unit shipped with zero dead pixels, which I asys thankful for. Asus 1000h a very low minimal brightness black value of only 0. Techradar We found this a great laptop for those who need something akin to a standard laptop. At that point, you are creeping dangerously close to the weight range of mainstream notebooks, though I doubt any of them can do 12 hours of continuous operation.

Asus Eee PC H review | Alphr

The battery runtime test results confirm the first positive impression. Adblock users see more ads. The build quality is also fantastic, and upgradability is made simple with the removable back panel offering easy access. You won’t want it as your sole machine, but as a second device for basic tasks, asus 1000h a great choice. In the practical test asus 1000h, the performance of the Eee PC H absolutely turned out to our satisfaction.


With its help, asus 1000h office applications, as well as Windows XP as asus 1000h operating system basically run without any problems. Multi-touch Touchpad As the 9″ model, the H has a touchpad aasus multi-touch function. At first sight, you might even think nothing has changed concerning the case. There is also a behemoth mAh cell battery on the way, which could net 8.

ASUS Eee PC H User Review

We show the least amount auss ads possible. The small, and with only almost grams, very light weighted power supply unit just asus 1000h just fits into asus 1000h included cover, as well. Neither in the pressure test nor in daily handling with the netbook was an exceeding or alarming deformation noticed in the test.