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Am I Really sbo That Stupid?


For some reason, I played Q4s and the flop comes Q-3-5. I lead out and get called by a newcomer to the table. I certainly don’t have a read on him. All I know is that he looks a lot like Billy Dee Williams. The turn is a deuce and I bet out again and get called. The river is a blank and Billy Dee bets out strong in front of me.

Okay, what hands can I put him on that I actually win? The answer: A stone cold bluff. If he’s got a Q, I’m either outkicked or he’s got two pair. There are only two sbo worse than my 4… and the three and the two are both on the board. Of course, I don’t think this through before I call. I guess I thought he was just trying to push me off the pot, maybe he missed a draw or something.

He flips 64 for the nut straight. He didn’t miss his draw. I’m back down to $203. I’m sooooo stupid.


I’ve been playing for at least 6 hours by now when I finally see Cowboys. I’d seen the Hiltons once today, but had to fold to an Ace on the flop and 3 bettors. Other than that, my premium hands were few and far between.

I raise to 10 from the small blind and Ed the truck driver, in the BB, raises to 43. I call. The flop is J-x-x. I check hoping he’s going to bet, but he checks too. The turn is a blank. I put him all in for 84 and he calls, flipping AQo. The river is another J and I win the pot. Curious call by him.

Next hand my suited Jack Hammer on the button wins a modest pot and suddenly I’m up to $430.

And the Rush Begins

Pocket J’s in the BB. It’s raised to 15 in front of me, I re-raise to 45 and get two callers. The flop is K-x-x. I bet 50 and they all fold. $510.

Pocket J’s again. I raise to 15 and get two callers. The flop is A-J-x. I love it and check, but so do they. Dammit. The turn is a blank. I throw a little 15 out there and they fold. Dammit.

Pocket 8’s. Four are in with my $15 bet. Flop is 9-7-7. I bet 50, get called. Turn is a blank. I bet 50 and he folds.

I limp with A6 of hearts. The flop is 7-6-2 of hearts. I bet 15 and get two callers. The turn is an Ace. I check, it’s bet 60 by Billy Dee and I raise to 200. He folds. $610.

Playing It Blind

I call 7 limpers from the SB without looking. The flop is 5-x-x, all spades. Seat 9 bets 50 forcing me to look at my hand. I look down at the K of spades and a 5. For some reason, I decide to call even though I know he has the spades. I have outs, I guess. The turn is the A of spades. I couldn’t have asked for a better caard.

I bet 100 and he thinks for awhile before calling. The turn pairs the board and I get scared. I don’t know why. I’m sure he would have called another bet and he didn’t have the boat. We both check and he flips 23 of spades for the loser. How does he call 100 knowing that any spade I hold beats him? No complaints here.