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Whether you are an electronic music artist and Live is your canvas, a DJ using Live to mix or remix tracks, or a more traditional musician using Live on stage or in the studio, you will find the APC40 to be the intuitive, powerful instrument that directly links your inspiration with Ableton Live. Combining the APC40 with Ableton Live transforms your experience from constructing tracks on a computer to fluid, musical creation. The APC40 is built with a rugged, metal chassis and slip-proof rubber detailing. Browse Related Browse Related. Rear looks good with a few small scuffs. Should a replacement be necessary, the crossfader can be easily replaced in the field by removing a small two-screw access panel on the underside of the APC

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Ableton selected Akai Professional as akai apc40 partner in developing the APC40 because of Akai Pro’s leadership position in great-feeling controllers that are rock solid, rugged, and precise.

You akai apc40 also color code your clips with the RGB lighting for advanced visual organization, and use the Shift button and directional arrows to manipulate the scope of the 5×8 grid. The second bank of eight knobs is dynamically reassigned to the Track you select. The blue knob with the picture of a headphone controls the cue channel volume. Akai apc40 example, you might be working with the Beat Decoder on track two. Shipping akau the lower 48 United States only.

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AKAI Professional – APC40

On akai apc40 right side of the main Ableton Live interface, locate the Master Track. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. APC40 mkII is also powered over Akai apc40 and supports plug-and-play connectivity, allowing you to take this controller from the studio to the stage or aki you go.

Then the fader and Live control will sync and move together. The clip matrix akai apc40 you an instant view of all clip statuses: There is no way to bank through to go to a 5th bank. Powerful Production Suite APC40 mkII comes packed with a music production suite that includes a version of Ableton Live, two high-definition virtual synthesizers, and 5GB of akai apc40 samples and loops for immediate out-of-the-box music creation.

Akai APC40

InAkai Professional collaborated with aoc40 creators akai apc40 Ableton Live, a powerful music akai apc40 and production software environment, and introduced aakai original Ableton Performance Controller—APC APC40 mkII comes equipped with an array of assignable faders and knobs: If you buy it in the U.

The matrix is not limited to only 40 clips: You’ll even notice that the settings for each knob load on the light rings so you’ll immediately see each knob’s akai apc40. I haven’t been producing much anymore and am trying to lighten the load for a move. Or can I use Apcc40 Live 8?.

If you wanted to control a hardware synth or drum machine you would have to have a computer and software in the middle between the APC40 and the hardware device. The scene buttons move akai apc40 to extra banks of scenes.


Open akai apc40 Preferences menu in Ableton Live. It even features a high quality, replaceable crossfader.

Ableton will automatically warp the tracks to the set BPM. If the volume on the screen is at the bottom and the fader is at the qkai, Live won’t start responding akai apc40 you move the fader up to the top position it really is at in akai apc40 software.

With the MKII, we did it again. Unit has missing knobs, no ac akai apc40 heavy dings and scratches. No, it has too many LEDs around to be bus powered. Premium Feel Ableton selected Akai Professional as its partner in developing the APC40 because of Akai Pro’s leadership position in great-feeling controllers that are rock solid, rugged, and precise. For example, when you press the shift button and akai apc40 the second button down in the second row, you’d be akai apc40 the ring to tracks and scenes No mapping, no setup, no hassles.

That said, you can use it in other programs but you will have to manually map it out in the other programs.

Right-click the Effect’s parameter you would like to control and assign it to akai apc40 Macro Control of your choice.