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If you develop an enthusiasm for changing the PenCam’s focus, a couple of pen-dots on the focus ring to indicate what scallop should be uppermost for what setting could be an idea. The BMPs are kilobytes in size for by and Kb for by Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Fortunately, there’s a workaround. All of these limitations mean that the bargain basement end of the digicam market has never been the place to go for pictures that make it even to happy-snap quality. You want a wide angle lens for most indoor photography, and the PenCam’s field of view is only a bit narrower than the Olympus at full wide angle.

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Since Continuous is always the first mode you get when you press the aiptek pencam button, you can take one picture any time by pressing aiptek pencam mode button once and then tapping the shutter button, giving the PenCam time to grab only one continuous-mode frame.

Well, that’s how it worked for me, anyway; click the button, get the default Windows Outlook setup aiptek pencam instead of Eudora popping to the front. On aiptek pencam plus side, the exposure and colour rendition are pretty good, and so’s the field of view.

When you save the images, though, they come out as uncompressed BMP files much larger than whatever format the camera stores them in. And aiptek pencam probably going to use a very dodgy little lens.

Driver Aiptek PenCam VGA N/A

The main application’s the PenCam Manager package, which is what you use to transfer images from the camera and control it in tethered mode. The Astracam can’t take seven pictures a second, but it can store 46 by shots in its built in memory, aiptek pencam its low light performance is excellent.


One day, there’ll be a digital camera that costs no more than a xiptek film camera and delivers similar picture quality. It’s good enough, ;encam by shots.

And it’s got 8Mb of built in memory, which penczm it enough storage for 26 by pictures, or in its low-res by mode. The framing’s off because I didn’t compensate adequately aiptek pencam the offset viewfinder – there’s no framing guide at all in the viewfinder, but it’s very bright and clear, at least.

The “Pen” part of the PenCam’s name is only slightly misleading. This is resolutions from Aiptek pencam to SQCIF, stacked on aiptek pencam of each other the larger image you get by clicking this picture above is still scaled down somewhat, for file size reasons. Aiptek pencam you’re happy with the quality of the PenCam images and like its ultra-small form factor, you’ll enjoy it.

Previous models Here’s my review of Aiptek’s earlier super-cheap digicams. The Astracam’s an excellent piece of gear I review it herebut the new PenCam’s considerably smaller, and cheaper.

Review: Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

The aipptek aiptek pencam limit doesn’t apply in continuous mode. So what do you get for your money? It’s a pretty basic video editing package, but it’s still more than adequate for editing anything you’re going to make with the PenCam. So it should work fine with Microsoft NetMeeting and pretty much any other Windows video package you aiptek pencam to name.

Aiptek pencam you want sound, though, you will of course need a separate microphone. The albums are just ordinary directories, not some fancy proprietary thing. The result is not pretty. Aipfek excerpt from a low res shot of the same scene click for the whole thing. The PenCam’s attempt at the scene. Like the software that comes with most cheap penca, the Aiptek driver saves video clips as AVIs, without much aiptek pencam – though they’re not the gigantic raw-data files you often get.


But the camera’s behaviour in resolutions other than by and by is odd.

There’s also an e-mail button that allows you to attach a selected image to a new message in any e-mail client you like, as long as it’s Microsoft Outlook. There’s not even an off button – just aiptek pencam the camera alone for 30 seconds in untethered mode, and it powers down. You can transfer 26 high res pictures from the camera in about 17 seconds, which aiptek pencam what you’d expect for USB transfer of 8Mb of aiptek pencam.

You’ll note that the top image and the third one down both aiptek pencam the aiptek pencam framing, and all the others are just chunks out of one of the ones above them. It’s mm high by 32mm wide by 23mm deep at its largest points 4.

Aiptek PenCam VGA 1 Specs – CNET

That’s the good news. Fortunately, there’s a workaround. Aiptek pencam with the focus lets you get quite sharp pictures out of the PenCam for close-ups and for landscape aiptek pencam.

But if you want good looking pictures, as pendam to webcam quality, this product is not for you.