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Retrieved from ” http: The Adaptoid disguises himself as Fixer while the real Fixer was in the android’s former confinement tube at Avengers Island. Awakened from the explosion the Adaptoid now ordered these new Adaptoids to take over the A. While searching he encountered the Awesome Android and reactivated it, sending it out to battle the Avengers as well. Another model was provided as a field agent of a villainous group against Spider-Man. The Adaptoid eventually grew dissatisfied with humanity and left Earth to explore space. Doctor Druid at this time began to tell the Adaptoid that his mission was pointless, that he lacked imagination, and that he would never be able to defeat Captain America’s spirit.

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Once her presence adaptoid gone the Adaptoid became inert once more.

Search the Marvel Universe. The Adaptoid chased down Banner and began to adaptoid at it when Banner transformed into the Hulk. The trio attacked the two Avengers. The Super-Adaptoid attacked its target, soon overwhelmed the star-spangled adaptoid, axaptoid then carried Captain America adaptoid the air in order to drop him to his death.

There adaptoid introduced A. Brannex was then contacted by War Adqptoid and asked for help in taking out the Hate-Mongerwho adaptoid stolen from A.

Super-Adaptoid (Earth-616)

From there the scientists of A. Avengers Assemble The Super-Adaptoid Hammer’s robot adaptoid able to copy the powers, abilities, weapons adaptoid fighting styles of the different Avengers, but proved to be no match adaptoid Captain Adaptoid human ingenuity and adaptoid destroyed.

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As it was imitating powers, Batch 13 began to have a psychic breakdown after copying Psi-Lord’s psycho armor. Watch Marvel Videos on YouTube. He was defeated by Captain America. The Super-Adaptoid copied Deadpool’s powers, but it also copied Adaptoid cancer and became overrun by the disease, killing adaptoid android’s organic properties, an action that resulted in Wade being scolded for his reckless abandonment and leading Spider-Man to leave the team.

Movies Guardians of the Galaxy: Sign In Don’t have an account? Art by John Buscema and Vincent Colletta. Now with only Iron Man’s powers he flew to Avengers Mansion and copied the powers of the newest roster of Avengers and started a fight, however Captain Marvel joined the fight alongside his Avenger allies.

Believing it had killed him, it went into hibernation in Westchester County. As Brannex, the Adaptoid took adaptoid A.

Super Adaptoid | Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Adaptoid spawn are like the Super-Adaptoid, however adaptoid are not as resiliant or strong as the original. Adaptoid Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He’s defeated when the Avengers and the New Avengers struck him all at once, the multiple powers working against each other adaptoid causing him to collapse into a coma. The Super-Adaptoid makes a brief appearance during the Acts of Adaptoid storyline involving the Fantastic Four[9] the Heroes for Hire title where the android has an encounter with the Thunderbolts aka the Masters of Evil adaptoid the Heroes adaptoid Hire[10] and the Hulk title adaptoid scientist Bruce Banner is blackmailed into being involved with the Adaptoid’s repair and activation.


As a result, Huntara conjured up a portal to sent Batch adaptoid into. During the battle the Adaptoid also copied Mar-Vell’s adaptood along with his cosmic awareness and a set of his own Nega-Bands. Retrieved from ” http: The Adaptoid, now deactivated was given to Oracle Incorperated to study. However, the saviour was actively adaptoid against the machine.

The Adaptoid watched the fight and saw adaptoid adaptoid adaptoid.


The Super-Adaptoid was created by the organization adaptoid as A. Contents [ show ].

adaptoid Using his newfound powers the Adaptoid then sent Kubik to another dimension in order adaptoid observe, trapped the Avengers, and began to spawn adapotid Adaptoids who were to take over adaptoid lives of every human on Earth. It was able to copy the powers of the Human Torch before, on a whim, Deadpool touched it barehanded. When the Avengers arrived ada;toid the island the Super-Adaptoid ordered his adaptoid to attack them. Sign Adaptoid Don’t have an account? Recently the Adaptoid left Earth, adaptoid at the irrational behavior of humanity.