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In return, the Dolby Surround option is a matter of taste. But I want to cut the cover. The fan emits a constant white noise, which rarely turns up impulsively. The Core i5 available as of beginning will start at euro. What Notebook Should I Buy?

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Acer aspire 7738g, there’s a catch or two: The four core processor, Q, lets a high power consumption be assumed. Acer’s Power Smart mode was disabled for this test. The loudspeakers have been placed underneath this. A semi-circular tube adjoins along the top.

If this bundle with acer aspire 7738g mainstream graphic, GeForce GTM, finds enough persuading arguments in the end is checked in the following review. The same, but with the opposite meaning, applies to the high TDP of 45 watts.

The fan emits a constant white noise, which rarely turns acer aspire 7738g impulsively. Compatible Memory sort price: Only minutes pass in a typical use with enabled WLANfull brightness and visiting news portals until the mAh battery hisses the white flag. The webcam shouldn’t be left out.

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These temperatures are within an uncritical normal field. Aspire G owners should better leave their 17 incher at home.


Do you have any idea where could be the problem? We rarely achieved adjusting the level evenly or selectively with strong or gentle pressure.

Acer Aspire 7738g

System Noise The Aspire G is absolutely silent – but this only applies to a period of a few minutes in idle state when there is no input. These acer aspire 7738g can overclock single or multiple cores dynamically, depending on the requirement.

The sound was suddenly completely muted in a game after trying to increase the volume and couldn’t be reactivated acer aspire 7738g all anymore. An infrared module on the front can’t be found anyway. The action game runs smoothly at x pixels in high details with 35 fps. These have been manufactured very well and sit tight in their place.

Acer Aspire (g) Laptop. Can it be upgraded past 4gb? [Solved] – g – Laptop Tech Support

Acer Aspire Source: Quality journalism is paid by advertising. Chipset is acer aspire 7738g set of integrated circuits that have a specific purpose in a computer system, a group of microchips used together to perform a single task. We establish the contribution of the hard aspird, the RAM and the graphic card to the experienced work rate on the laptop with PCMark Vantage.


The bright screen presents acer aspire 7738g media with stunning clarity. The case is stiff and sturdy, except for the lid. We show the least amount of ads possible. ZaZ Apr 24, The Nvidia GPU reaches 71 ace at the same time.

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Crysis in xHigh, 21 fps. Acer aspire 7738g sound got a lot flatter and undifferentiated as soon as we disabled this option.

So I just ordered a second HDD connector, and trimmed it. This panel lights up so the control works at DVD watching, too.

Initially, Acer built in the Power Smart key to switch between hybrid graphics. Acer Aspire g Average Score: We established an average of