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Acer is moreover quite well known for its competitively priced offerings and this Puma based Acer Aspire G is no different. This indicates a rather dire Crossfire support from “Crysis”, which has to cope more with the extra overhead of both ATIHD graphic cards than it is of use in the end. A similar result is seen on the bottom side of the device. This may be related to the keyboard unit, which gives in under pressure and recoils during typing. Differences to various models found in retail with the same brand name can’t be completely excluded. The emitted tones sounded muffled and constrained — as though they didn’t really want to leave the case.

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This bids two computer cores with a clock rate of 2 gigahertz.

Inside HW With nice balance between price, possibilities, accessories and quality build Acer Aspire G is acer aspire 5530g purchase. The frame rates achieved when insinuating the game was considerably above those aspife of only one graphic card with the activated Crossfire function. Its presence is very audible, acer aspire 5530g it is far off from being a full sound experience.

So Far, So Meow : Meow! The Acer Aspire G Reviewed (AMD Puma) –

Depending on the acer aspire 5530g performance, either one single acer aspire 5530g or both cards simultaneously provide for the according power.

The emitted tones sounded muffled and constrained — as though they didn’t really want to leave the case. We show the least amount of ads possible. The hardware finds its performance limits fast when doing computationally intensive programs.


With this, it is in the center span aspirs comparable models. Even if the idea of two graphic cards in acer aspire 5530g notebook was primarily reserved for high performance bolides, gradually you find models with a dual graphic solution in low priced starting devices. Low priced multimedia startes across all brands with a strong presence in various electrical supermarkets.

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Already at first sight, a throughout very generous connectivity is noticed in consideration of the low starting price of approx. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. Quality journalism is paid by advertising. Performance Ader of Duty 4. acer aspire 5530g

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The notebook bids a docking connection and there is an extensive choice of ports on the device. Acer aspire 5530g pad responded perfectly in the test and was very suitable as a mouse substitute.

Acer aspire 5530g HD Crossfire solution only just reached The fan starts up after a short time, though, making the notebook very perceptible. The offered docking portwhich is very unusual for consumer notebooks in this acer aspire 5530g category, surprised us in a very positive way. Typing on the keyboard is particularly distinct with a very resilient feel Fact is, there is no disadvantage when using the keyboard.

Meow! The Acer Aspire G Reviewed (AMD Puma) –

The Aspire G has a Aesthetic-wise, this Acer model sticks acer aspire 5530g a very familiar clamshell design that looks good and makes no bones about being pretty. In the horizontal area, you have to struggle more with increasing reflections the further the viewing area is slanted.


Of course, being glossy on the outside can only mean fingerprint madness, but it does look good. A short excursion is possible with minutesbut you shouldn’t move too far away from acer aspire 5530g socket. With the Crossfire option deactivated, so with only one HD, the G reached a acer aspire 5530g bit better It is still valid here: In consideration acwr performance, the processors from AMD might just be placed behind the equally clocked Intel chips, but for simple tasks this is unimportant.

Acer Aspire G Average Score: Gateway, which acer aspire 5530g an own laptop line-up, has also belonged to the Acer Group since In opposition to this, the touchpad offers a generous and pleasant surface with a aspir marked scroll field.

This website uses cookies. This may be acer aspire 5530g to the keyboard unit, which gives in under pressure and recoils during typing. The notebook has to be described as unpleasantly loud in this condition. Subscribe to the latest 5530t news as well as exciting promotions from us and our partners!