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The games at A Casino Online are fast-loading, very stable, attractive and operate well on most systems even though they aren’t of the download type. They offer penny slots and progressive jackpots at their slots and Caribbean Stud Poker, low $1 minimum wagers on Blackjack, Spanish 21, and Caribbean Stud and a great variety of games including Pull Tabs, Big Six Wheel, Table Poker and Battle Royal. All checks are sent for free and any problems will be solved in real-time with a chat-type program. Historically, players have not had any difficulty with A Casino Online.


Initial Deposit Bonus: You receive a 100% bonus (up to a $75 bonus) on your first deposit when using PayPal, or Equifax. Any Deposit Bonuses: You receive subsequent bonuses of 10% for any PayPal, Equifax, and wire transfers. Conditions: You have to wager 5 x (purchase + bonus) in order to make a redemption and take out the bonus. Roulette and craps wagers are excluded for bonuses.

There may be negative features

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Supported languages

  • English

Financial Info

A Casino Online accepts VISA and Master Card, credit- and debit cards with Visa or Master Card connection, SFpay, Paypal, Equifax, Bank Wire and Western Union. Personal identity and details of all members – including name, address, phone number, email address and wagering history – remain completely confidential, and are never given, reported or sold to any third party. All accounts are limited to max. deposits of $1000 per day and $3,000 per month. The min. deposit is $5. Winnings are credited back to your credit card up to the amount that was originally deposited. Any exceeding amounts are sent via PayPal or Neteller, so you are requirerd to become a member of either PayPal or Neteller.


A Casino Online was developed by Gambling Software. This was a JAVA-based casino, so no download was required. Therefore it didn’t have the rich graphics that a regular software-based casino usually offers but on the other hand you didn’t have to wait for a download or install their software either.


A Casino Online operated under a Togel gaming licence granted by the government of Grenada. Established, licensed, and fully functional since 12/1/1998. To have a gaming license means that a casino is able to 1) deposit enough money yearly as a financial backup for players (approximately US $50,000 up to US $100,000 per annum), 2) pay the taxes (of about 2,5% up to 5%), and hence 3) is subject to the control of the government that issued the gaming licence in case of any disputes.


  • Big Six Money Wheel
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack [Spanish 21]
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Poker [Caribbean]
  • Poker [Pai Gow]
  • Red Dog
  • Roulette [American]
  • Scratch Cards
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • War


Big Six Money Wheel Review

Game: The game is played on a large vertical wheel (Wheel of Fortune) with dollar bills from $1 to $20 inlaid as markers. You wager which of the 5 denominations the indicator will land on. Somewhere on the wheel is a Joker and a 3-Star-Logo which pays most.

Odds: Since the house edge is incredibly high

Blackjack Review


Game: In Blackjack each card has a point value. You first get two cards, calculate their value and decide whether to draw more cards or not where the maximum total points allowed is 21. The dealer does the same thing. You try to be better than him (draw closer to 21).

Odds: A Casino Online uses 4 decks which is not too good: as less decks are used as more easy it gets to keep track of the cards and to estimate your chances correctly via card counting. The cards are shuffled after every round. The house edge with the rules listed below is 0.25% which is standard.


Set: The dealer stands on soft 17 (Ace & 6) which is good because he does not get more chances to draw closer to 21 this way. Doubling down is allowed on any first two cards which is better than what land based casinos offer you (usually you can double down only on a two card total of 9, 10, or 11). You even can double down after you split pairs. Pairs may be split up to 3 hands which is excellent and lots of fun. If you split two aces, you get only one additional card for each hand. If the dealer’s first card is an ace you are offered insurance.

You can choose between a $1-$25 an a $5-$100 table.


Summary: This blackjack game is pretty good. You can find better ones in our Best Blackjack List.


Spanish 21 Blackjack Review


Game: Spanish 21 is blackjack with all ten-spot cards being removed from the decks. To compensate for this off balance in the odds, the casinos have made the payouts more rewarding and offer excellent rules for the player.


Odds: A Casino Online uses 6 decks (standard amount of decks for Spanish 21). The cards are shuffled after every hand which is not so good because it makes it most difficult to count cards. There are online casinos shuffling after about half of the deck was played. Because A Casino Online lets the Dealer hit on soft 17 (Ace+6) the house edge is 0.76%. A Spanish 21 game where the Dealer stands on soft 17 has a house edge of 0.4% (these conditions cannot be found online anyway). The payoffs are very tempting.


Set: The dealer hits soft 17 (Ace & 6) which increases the house edge: if he had to stand on soft 17, that’s it. But if he hits he gets a second chance to draw closer to 21. And if he draws over 21, the Ace will count as 1 and he gets a third chance to draw closer to 21. Doubling down is allowed on any first two cards which is better than what land based casinos offer you. You even can double down after you split pairs which again is exceptionally good. Pairs may be split up to 4 hands which is excellent and lots of fun. Even to split aces a second time is allowed. You can surrender after the dealer has looked at his second card (this is called “late surrender”). When the dealer has an 10, or an ace showing, the chance of losing is greater than 75%, which makes it a good option for you. Even a non-busted doubled hand can be surrendered, keeping the initial bet. !!!: a player’s blackjack wins over a dealer’s blackjack and pays 3:2. The player wins 21 ties. Betting limits are $1-$25 or $5-$100.





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