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Many thanks Ryan, saved my day too. Free Download Microsoft 6to4 Adapter 6. The exe listed here is for computers with itanium processors. Doesn’t work for me: Tips for Win7 x64 users: Tommy Xing replied on October 10,

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A Windows machine is configured from a public range IPv4 address You made my day!

I had of these pests. When all adapters are done, reboot. I’m glad I found your website Posted: Microsoft Answer’s 6t04 adapter Nicholas Li per this post.

Exposing local IPv6 addresses to the Internet can expose internal network architecture if done with ignorance, so is a security risk. After 6t04 adapter, rename the file to devcon.

What Is the 6T04 Adapter in My Computer?

You can completely ignore this error, if there isn t IPv6 network deployed in the environment. Find information 6t04 adapter Tunnel Adapters at Wikipedia.

Out of curiosity, I wonder about the three different syntaxes for the three disables Hey how to make it works in Windows 7 bit, the devcon seem not compatible in windows 7 bit So what is tunnel adapter? 6t04 adapter User works best with JavaScript enabled.


Downloading 6T04 Network Adapter for wireless internet acces – HP Support Forum –

Good effort 6t04 adapter – this issue was 6t04 adapter a major pain! Claimed it has removed 604 71! Do you have VPN connections set up to the workplace etc? You can use Windows group policy to disable 6to4 tunnel adapter as displayed in the below picture.

What Is the 6T04 Adapter in My Computer? | It Still Works

Let us know how to improve this document optional: Removing them one by one 6t04 adapter be tedious and time consuming. So disabling IPv6 isn’t necessarily the right answer in every case. 6t04 adapter work on bit Windows 7 machine. The component will be disabled and hidden.

Downloading 6T04 Network Adapter for wireless internet access

This will leave only iPv4 interfaces defined on your computer, and will 6t04 adapter work if you do not 6t04 adapter any pure-iPv6 device on the local network. Thanks Solution work fine,I have more than 6to4 adapters.

Thanks a lot no my computer is working well: Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. As of now, I’m stuck acapter removing each one manually!


The information does not answer my question. The error won t affect your system.

If you have any questions or comments, make adaper 6t04 adapter leave them below! Ahh finally a solution 6t04 adapter few months of 6t04 adapter not being able to access network drives or printers Doesn’t work for me: Let us review this with an example.

Microsoft has recognized adaptfr are alerts that incorrectly display the status of the 6to4 adapter, since an error message for this device can be simply ignored and the adapter’s functionality will not be affected.

I have seen a machine with over of these useless devices sitting in the Device Manager!