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I found the P85’s manual online and have it figured out, all good. Here are some more details that can hopefully help with the diagnosis: Its not even a short gap, I had to wait several seconds after releasing the pedal to avoid the note bug. You are right to be checking this ahead of time. Midi trouble with Yamaha and cable Also here is an m audio forum discussion, same thing you’re saying about the Amazon, so go with the compatible product.

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A cable is a cable. The Yamaha P is an entry-level digital piano introduced in yamahs He also mentioned that they don’t work with another Yamaha model line other than PSRbut he claimed not to be sure as to which one. She also got the midi-usb adapter to connect to her M-Audio interface.

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Like I said, M-Audio and Edirol make solid products. Trust me, this is a non-issue. This misi was last edited on 15 Octoberat How to feed New String down under other strings?

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New Reply Thread Tools. I am planning to send them an e-mail or something. We see you’ve found the Newbie subforum! Which the first responder above suggested the 1×1 m-audio forum on incompatible cable with Yamaha.

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Any guidance would be appreciated! If I kidi recording, I can sort of get around this by playing with no sustain and going through after and manually turning it on and off at the right times. Here are some more details that can hopefully help with the diagnosis: It can be used in conjunction with the L wooden stand and the LP-5 three-pedal unit.

However a service manual is online with detailed schematics as well as a well-marked PCB to allow anyone with some electronics background to resolve basic problems as the products age. I’m sure the Yamaha one is fine too, but Mmidi can’t personally vouch for it because I’ve never used it.

Originally Posted by timroosma. And last but not least, it is not a problem with Main Stage since I have had the same problem with many other software, just Main Stage is the one I want to use for live. The problem is not the keyboard, since the basic sustain pedal works fine.

I have a Yamaha p85 piano and one of the reasons I got it was because it was cheap and had weighted keys, and also had MIDI in and out, so I figured I could go far with it by hooking it up to my computer and using MIDI to get the sounds I want.


I guess the midi standard accept two values for sustain: The problem is when I use the pedal unit. Since the pedal unit simulates a true sustain pedal from a piano, it has several degrees of sustain, like a midi note. If someone could tell me a good cable to go with that would be great!

I called M-Audio’s tech support line, and they quickly admitted that the device doesn’t work with Yamaha PSR keyboards. Cubase records the MIDI yammaha and plays it back through the keyboard.

What is the best yanaha to use it as a controller whilst bypassing the internal sounds? Maybe it was just a rare circumstance. I’m guessing a simple 1X1 you’ll know what that means when you look into specific models would do the trick for your setup. Let’s start at the beginning. Just google them and look for the interfaces that provide the connectivity you want.