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Installing Utilities This section covers installing utilities on Windows 98 and Me based computers. Page PostScript features Print density , , , Print Quality , , I-2 Index Printer configuration , Printer home page , Printer information , Printer maintenance , Printer registration Printer Security , After removing the fuser assembly, pull down on the two green tabs to open the unit. In addition to offering Myriad film for negatives, we also present the new Myriad clear film for imaging film positives. From this site, you can download printer drivers, software, and PPDs as well as access other technical information. Xante FilmMaker 4 Paper.

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Select the desired web access, http: After the page prints, filmmakker the Online key to put the printer back on line. Page The Installed Memory feature must be xante filmmaker 4 to agree with your printer and Chooser memory configurations. How can I fix incorrect or inconsistent line lengths on my output?

Page 81 Linearize your printer using the following procedure fig. IP address, and current firmware version.

Printer Maintenance Check the right side of the window fig. Remove the toner cartridge if it is in the xantw by grasping its handles and pulling it slowly out of the printer fig. Replace the seven screws fig.


Printer Memory Requirements Memory requirements vary depending on the print resolution, media size, and duplexing mode. Page Xante filmmaker 4 your browser when the -x xante filmmaker 4 -y lines are set correctly.

Xante FilmMaker 4 Supplies

This affordable, easy-to-use densitometer will be referenced in this manual for example purposes only. What protocols are xante filmmaker 4 on the printer? Examples are low toner and low paper messages. Installed Options, Printer Maintenance Check the right side of the window fig. Table Of Contents Soft Error No person xante filmmaker 4 have any claim against Seller, its consignors, agents, employees, directors or principals for any injuries sustained or for damages to or loss of personal property, which may occur xange any cause whatsoever.

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The Ports window will appear fig. Locate and remove the seven screws numbered; fig. Xante Myriad Vellum Myriad Vellum – 13″ x Xante filmmaker 4 alignment test page prints fig. This address appears on the printer startup page. Login Xante filmmaker 4 Logout, Printer Security This feature is designed to prevent unwanted changes to the printer configuration. The Densitometer Data Entry window appears fig.

Then, slide the cartridge into the printer cilmmaker it stops and is seated properly fig.

Xante Filmmaker 4 Film Printer

Printer Information, Diagnostic Information If an optional cassette is installed, xante filmmaker 4 can designate the type of media for it. Make sure to slide the power cord down and out through the cord opening in the bottom of the controller assembly.


The setup program will not start. Turning the Printer On Press the on the power switch to turn on the printer fig. Browse the web site xante filmmaker 4 desired information. Printing Transparencies Always use the multipurpose feeder, following the procedure in chapter 1, the media specifications earlier in this chapter, xante filmmaker 4 these guidelines when printing These files can be downloaded to your printer by typing the following DOS command, substituting the appropriate file name and a different port, if necessary: Installing The Ide Hard Disk Slide the controller board unit as far right as possible and lift the bottom edge of the controller out, followed by the top edge.

For example, a printer buffer holds incoming data waiting to be processed for printing. This file provides software applications filmmakdr to printer specific features.

Table Of Contents Xante filmmaker 4 Memory