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Check to see if the skew occurs from all trays or only one tray. Multipurpose Feeder Tip Effect Of Consumables On Warranty DO NOT use media that is unusually thick, thin, wrinkled, torn, curled, creased, wet, damp, or damaged. How can I fix this situation?

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Turning The Printer On We recommend you set a static IP address to avoid the problem.

xante accel a writer 3g FUSER is displayed when the temperature sensor inside the fuser does not read the correct temperature too high or too low. Turn off the printer for 30 minutes to allow fuser to cool and restart.

Connecting To The Parallel Port Optional Paper Feeders Removing Toner Cartridges I am getting tear drops on my output.

Accel-a-Writer 3G/3N/4G/4N FAQ

DHCP may not be setup to assign addresses correctly which will reassign the IP address each time you restart your printer. Why does my IP address keep changing? To correct this, pull the toner cartridge from the printer and check the metal contacts on the left side of the printer.


The printer is formatting the page for the wrong size media. Handling Xante accel a writer 3g Toner Cartridge What can I do to correct this? Removing The Controller Board Panel S is this and how can this be corrected?

Xant̩ Accel-a-Writer 3G Рprinter Рmonochrome Рlaser Overview РCNET

The problem is either a physical connection or configuration issue. Handling The Printer Printing Double-sided Copy My output is printing shifted left and towards the bottom of the page.

Why can I not print on media larger than legal size at DPI? What protocols are supported on the printer? On the right side, following the guide for the toner you will notice another contact, which is the ground.

Please contact Technical Support to discuss the options available to correct this. Turning The Printer Off Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Reassembling The Printer If the pickup rollers appear to be the cause, use some denatured alcohol to clean them.

New Drivers  ASUS A7N8X2 0 DRIVERS

Table of contents The Accel-a-writer 3 Series Printers Storing The Printer Connecting To The Serial Port Paper Cassette Feeder Controller Board Upgrades Removing A Duplexer If the problem is still occurring, the EP setting may need adjustment.