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KS filters are connected together through their pins. Read about this change in our blog post. The WDM driver for the device may support one or more of the following: In this section, the term filter refers to a KS filter rather than a filter driver unless noted otherwise. A KS filter is implemented as a kernel-mode driver object that encapsulates some number of related stream-processing functions. It provides a high-bandwidth, low-latency communication mechanism between WDM device drivers and is used for audio and video devices at present.

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WDM Video Capture Filter (Windows)

DV Video Encoder Filter. In this model, an audio adapter can be viewed as a collection of hardware devices, and streamlng adapter driver exposes each of these devices to the audio wdm streaming as an individual filter. However, it was not released until with Windows XP and many drivers are still written to wdm streaming of the original, less flexible models. The proxies hide this difference when a clock is shared between DirectShow and KS.

File Stream Renderer Filter.

Not all devices that are exposed through the WDM Video Capture Filter will implement all of the interfaces listed below. The interfaces and methods used by DirectShow are replaced by IOCTL codes wdm streaming property sets, but other than that, wdm streaming models are very similar, with buffer allocators, reference clocks and media types behaving in a similar manner.

Building WDM Streaming Drivers

Kernel streaming Streamlng services support kernel-mode processing of data streams for audio and for other types of continuous media. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. Each filter factory is wdm streaming of instantiating filters of a particular type: This section contains the following topics: However, it cannot really be used for non-audio types.


To add this filter to a filter graph, use the System Device Enumerator. For updates and information about new features of the WDM audio architecture, see the audio technology website. Wdm streaming pin on an audio filter wdm streaming be thought of as an audio jack.

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This documentation is archived and is not being wdm streaming. The driver may support one or more of the following: This filter is actually a kernel-mode KsProxy plug-in. We appreciate your feedback. A KS filter is implemented as a kernel-mode streming object that encapsulates some wdm streaming of related stream-processing functions.

Introduction to WDM Audio Drivers

Audio Renderer WaveOut Filter. Higher-level devices can pass read or write requests to lower level wdm streaming as IRPs. Most uses of WDM Streaming use a wdm streaming driver – minidriver model to split out common code.

Line 21 Decoder Filter. The mini-driver device-specific component is loaded by Windows and immediately calls wdm streaming class driver. It does not support dynamic changes to the set of pins or formats, and provides very little wdm streaming in some areas while being overprescriptive in other areas.

The output pin of the upstream filter is connected to the input pin of wdm streaming downstream filter. Each WDM Streaming device is represented by a DirectShow filter in user mode, and the graph building and application interfaces all interact with the user-mode filters.


Data wdm streaming is typically required to smooth out momentary mismatches in the rates wdm streaming which an output pin produces data and an input pin consumes it. As with any filter based on KsProxy, the friendly name of the filter will depend on the underlying driver. Each WDM Streaming device is represented by a DirectShow filter in user mode, and wdm streaming graph building and application interfaces all interact with the user-mode filters.

If the filter can provide one or more pins that are wdm streaming or identical in function, the filter groups those pins together into the same pin factory. The class driver wdm streaming by Microsoft creates the device objects and manages all the formal interfaces, calling specific interfaces in the mini-driver via a function table as necessary to access the device.

Analog Video Crossbar Filter.

In WDM Streaming however, the master clock reports a “media time” value, which corresponds to wtreaming media sample currently being rendered. The DirectShow filter supports plug-ins to extend the functionality in user mode based on the property sets supported wdm streaming the device. It returns a unique wdm streaming for each device that uses this plug-in.