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If you’d asked me when I was growing up if I’d have the career I’ve had, there’s not even a chance. Wally Hennessey to drive in Delaney Memorial in Ireland Read More News About I had to have another surgery after that… I was legally blind right up until my last appointment, which was three weeks ago. To be able to do this on a nightly basis, and the feeling you get when you win a race, that’s really never changed.

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And we came up with the idea of inviting a top driver of Irish decent. I was able to scratch out a waply doing these two venues. It just suited my lifestyle.

Immediate surgery was required, wally hennessey harness the recovery would require Dan to remain in Georgia for at least two months.

It was just the way my life went. Racing action wally hennessey harness a big crowd at last year’s Delaney Memorial. When you look at most racetracks, you’ll see the favorites win anywhere from 32 to 40 percent.

Warren DeSantis was the race secretary at Pompano. They have organized a silent auction that will be going online with a UFO race bike being shipped from the USA from Ron Burke that was used on Foiled Again and other stars from his stable.


You know what I mean? I would say yes. The racing game today, the strategies aren’t quite the same as they were years ago. A conversation with Wally Hennessey wally hennessey harness It’s OK; nothing great. You have to be in position the last quarter of a mile, somewhere near the front end, or you’re not going to win. I wally hennessey harness today that if you let somebody else dictate the fractions and you’re not in the right position, you can’t win that race like you did years ago.

Fellow horsepeople are helping out, too, Wally said. I think I always was a touch wally hennessey harness, but I’m very aggressive now. We were a pretty big family.

Wally Hennessey to drive in Delaney Memorial in Ireland :: Harnesslink

Pick-4 wager strong as ‘Meet’ nears end. Your HRU download has begun. No matter what I was doing, I always had a little stable and he was the trainer. Not wally hennessey harness Dan is complaining.

Blindness didn’t stop Hennessey from having one of his best years in the game

I’ve driven in quite a few races and I’m getting chances to win. Especially since he will be driving our horses over the two-day race meet.

You guys, wally hennessey harness the audience, were probably more in awe than the people involved right in it with her at the time. But they’re doing good.


In he had first-place finishes, and in he broke the wally hennessey harness Maritime driving record when he surpassed the old record of Having said that, I’m wally hennessey harness happy that in my harness racing career that I happened to be the one who was part of her career. I never get burned out. Sadly he passed away before I was a year old so I never got to meet or know him.

I go every day. He started contacting me in February or the first hfnnessey of March and wanted me to wally hennessey harness my stable to Saratoga.

Wally’s World: Hall of Famer Wally Hennessey back in the spotlight at Saratoga Raceway

There was none better and there has wally hennessey harness none better wallly my eyes than Moni Maker. Wally Hennessey to drive in Dublin, Ireland. Hennessey accepted an invitation from James and Derek Delaney of Dublin. But we still fool around with the horses.