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When the box is set correctly, it will snap into place. Press the key to select the account of which you want to check counts. Page Management Use the procedure below to manage accounts. Page Default Setting System Menu Auto Error Clear If an error occurs during printing, the print job stops to wait for the next step to be taken by the user. Troubleshooting Responding to Error Messages If the control panel displays any of these messages, follow the corresponding procedure. Press the OK key.

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Is there any cover which is Close the cover indicated on the — open? Job Box is a 5240, that stores print data on the set RAM disk in the machine, enabling the data to be utax cd 5240l as needed from the operation panel of the machine. A login screen will appear. Embedded Web Server settings For E-mail Preparation before Use Embedded Web Server Settings for E-mail Embedded Web Server is a utax cd 5240l used for tasks such as verifying the operating status of the machine and changing the settings for security, network printing, E-mail transmission and advanced networking.

Default Setting Utaz Menu Utax cd 5240l login screen will appear.


File Separation Sending Functions File Separation Create several files by dividing scanned original data page by page, and send the files.

Before sending images utax cd 5240l onto this machine as E-mail attachments, check the following: Energy Saving Control Function The device comes equipped with a Low Utax cd 5240l Mode where energy consumption is reduced after a certain amount of time elapses since the device was last used, as well as a Sleep Mode where printer and fax functions remain in a waiting state but power consumption uyax still reduced to a minimum when there is no activity with the device within a set amount of time.


This utax cd 5240l can be used only when [Netwk Authentic. You can customize the print system name in the installation settings window.

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File Name Entry appears. To fix the type of paper to be used in multi purpose tray, utax cd 5240l the paper size setting. Printing An Accounting Report Management Printing an Accounting Report Total pages counted at all relevant accounts can be printed as an accounting report. Repeat steps 10 to 11 set other default restrictions on the number of sheets. The following errors are automatically cleared.

If paper is not completely ejected into the output tray, open the rear cover. Preparation before Use Loading Paper in the Cassettes The standard cassette will each hold plain utax cd 5240l, recycled paper or color paper. Auto Drum Refresh appears.

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Management Applying Limit of Restriction This specifies how the machine behaves when the counter has reached the limit of restriction. Specify the destination, utxa press the Start key to start sending. Default Setting System Menu Login Operation Specify the character entry method in the login screen that appears utax cd 5240l user management is enabled.

Set the defaults for available settings such as copying and sending.

Document Processor Troubleshooting Rear Unit Utax cd 5240l the steps below to clear paper jams of the rear unit. Page 57 Preparation before Use Select the options available for the printer and click Continue. If Plain is selected, the paper source with plain paper loaded in the specific size is selected. Press the key or the numeric keys to enter the Default Gateway.


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The file print and delete selection Fiala: Page Document Box set maximum are stored, the oldest job will be overwritten each time a new job is stored. Selecting Type of Characters To enter characters, the following three types are available: For this reason, laser cr emitted inside this machine is hermetically sealed within the protective housing and utax cd 5240l cover.

Energy Saving Control Function, Low Power Mode, Paper Recycling Energy Saving Control Function The device comes equipped with a Low Power Mode where energy consumption ce reduced after a certain amount of time elapses since the device was last used, as well as a Sleep Utax cd 5240l where printer and fax functions remain uutax a waiting state but power consumption is still reduced to a minimum when there is no activity with the device within utax cd 5240l set amount of time.

Combine Mode Copying Functions Combine Mode This mode allows you to copy 2 or 4 originals combined onto a single page.

The following entries are required. Clearing Paper Jams Troubleshooting Clearing Paper Jams If a utax cd 5240l jam occurs, a message will be uhax about the jam and copying or printing will stop.

The Document Box Document Box: Optional interface Optional interface card setting This locks and protects the optional interface slot. Page Default Setting System Menu Default Original Size Setup In the screen for setting the paper size for the utax cd 5240l feed cassette or multi purpose tray, utax cd 5240l the paper size to be used as the default value.