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Operating system of the host: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. June 08, , Horsa Full Member Posts: This solution will increase latency but you will get faster transfers. Did you miss your activation email?

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Hi gelenkeharald, Strange behavior I’ve got another question: You have two possibilities: Otherwise your diploma might take much longer than you can afford.

Until now I programmed the device always with usb flash. Yes, here you are: To help you we should know more details about your usb vid 04b4&pid 8613. It really makes me angry, because I think I’m so close to the solution. You get timeout if there is no data, and shorter packet if you requested too large packet and datais not available in the timeout period.

Show “Select an endpoint to find the status. As we got Window Hardware Logo formerly: As for me simulation is right way because you will use this testbench many times while your project growing. As Ales wrote, this usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 is worsened by the indeterministic behavior of the managed Microsoft. Show “No Such Device! Chipscope cores can affect to FPGA routing, but if your constrains meet it should be no problem.


OpenFutNET version running on the usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. So I expect for datatransfer: Your module have MHz main clock source.

On the PC side, the application contains a dedicated thread 044b&pid pools the endpoint 6 register EP6CS and use the GetData function to retrieve available data form Ep6 by means of an ad hoc protocol.

Preliminary extended documentation is available.

CyUSBDevice, CyUSB C# (CSharp) Code Examples – HotExamples

June 06, Hi Alex, I wanted to tell you, that I made some progress. See page of CyUSB. Hi gelenkeharald, If you going to debug your project in hardware, you can try 30 days evaluate license for “Logic Edition” which include ChipScope.

CyUSBDevice extracted from open source projects. Hi GH, Do you see the device in the device manager to exclude driver problems? Will write to this topic when done.

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See pages of CyUSB. Hi, How can I check pins, if they are not routed to an external pin? Horsa on June 06, Title; string file; Cid. Data Transfer Throughput Optimization.


C# (CSharp) CyUSB.CyUSBDevice Code Examples

This would be so helpful. Read ; if stream. In short there are 3 different types of analog-digital-converter and I want to interface these ADC and send data to PC.