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SamDaikwo Junior Member Posts: And that would cause my system to freeze every time funny that it says it recovered, yet it’s frozen Is there any way to boot back into normal mode? Just to clearly express my question once and for all: As with any tool of this kind, we recommend creating a new system restore point before using it, so that you can revert your system at any time if you run into problems. Babeyg Junior Member Posts: I tried to enter by BIOS but didn’t worked..

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I have read a file brilliantly named “Readme” that states If you dont know what you are uninstall ati radeon, you should not modify the files under settings folders.

SilentForever Junior Member Posts: Thanks for the new release!

Wagnard Senior Member Uninstall ati radeon And I updated the drivers a few times, but low and behold the same thing would happen. I tried just using wifi and metered my connection, and that DID work, but I was sacrificing my internet speed by a ton.


AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

uninstall ati radeon SamDaikwo Junior Member Posts: Can you fix it? Just to clearly express my question once and for all: And if he want to buy something, he can just donate as I dont have a computer eShop yet So I’ve been playing this god awful game of “Open device manager and disable Radeeon as fast as I can” every time I turn my laptop on, so it won’t reinstall it’s driver and then freeze my laptop.


Whoever you people are, I thank you. Not the best Yes it is safe to remove DDU folders completely. I uninstall my driver with it, but I can’t bring it back.

I made sure uninstall ati radeon wasn’t my GPU, and that it is functional. RzrTrek Senior Member Posts: Ive been trying to install new drivers for days.

How-To Uninstall AMD Radeon Software from a Windows Based System

How do I restore it please. Stick4 Junior Member Posts: JoeG Junior Member Posts: It works fine on my windows 7 laptop though, I guess that just proves how terrible 10 is. Man, I’ve been uninstall ati radeon through hell for about two weeks now. Imlach Junior Member Posts: I got tired of doing that, and I tried all kinds of stuff.


AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

I don’t remember it since I always log in with my pin Very happy with uninstall ati radeon program. My notebook is an acer nvg with Windows The dirty, nasty little DDU is not uninstall ati radeon fault, it does exactly what it is intended to do. Guess there was something I was missing that the little program you have here murdered in its stupid little face.

Ai you so so ssooooo much. I forgot my Live account password and system password are different. I search for uninstall ati radeon, and I find ddu. I did it and now my computer is asking for a password that I don’t have!

But any way – Thank You!