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Thank you for your article. How much tracking error you get depends not only on the control itself, but also its relative resistance to the rest of the circuit. I can not get audion out via the USB in a standalone mode i. However when I add a dvd player at the RCA input, there is no output from optical output. Generally, from what I’ve seen, implementation is everything.

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Well, take the above as a suggestion only.

NwAvGuy January uca202, at 6: Here the UCA struggles. Not to mention the increased voltage for the regulators from 9V to 12V, as well as bigger caps uf instead of uf. Before Uca202 publish the new measurements and other details, I’ve made some high quality recordings of the modified and un-modified versions. I am uca202 curious about the yca202 product Lexicon Alpha as the uca202 above. Anonymous September 22, at And some of the extra DAC1 money goes towards very solid build quality.


NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

But how about the measurements for the line inputs and the ADC? You could also use the line outputs to drive a dedicated analog headphone amp. There’s also a link in there to a Stereophile article that tests some AKG headphones with a higher uca202 impedance. Or am I mistaken at this point? Accessories For Concert Percussion. I’m not an audiophile, but it does wonders uca202 the output from uca202 Bose Companion 20’s compared to the integrated sound card on an Asus P8ZV LX uca202.


The interchannel crosstalk uca202 be a little better, but it’s fine for stereo recording or transferring vinyl records which have even more crosstalk. First of all I uca202 very different signal levels beetween Left and right channels, also I heard the silent high uca202 noise in my head’s telephones in monitor on mode. Ben January 21, at It’s more complex than that. It might be cheaper than two 3D movie tickets, but is uca202 really junk? It’s not uncommon for DIYers to make things worse in a misguided uca202 to improve their designs better.

Both of these tend uca202 reduce channel separation. I’m not looking to drive headphones and the analog out from this unit will go into the Marantz.

Due to the way volume controls work, any uca202 in the control itself is usually most obvious at the lowest volume settings. NwAvGuy September 16, at 9: Uac202 June 28, uca202 4: Headphone amps can be fairly clean uca202 a 10, ohm load, like the O2, versus driving 16 ohm headphones.


Then have some volunteers stand behind the speakers and swap the cable plugs back and forth at the request of the card-carrying audiophiles doing the listening. Even with uca202 flat uca202 curve you’re likely to see higher distortion and potentially uca202 damping. But in this price range, you are not supposed to uca202 comparing those items anyway. The separation above hz below that frequencies are largely non-directional anyway uca202 from a uca202 case —50 dB up to nearly —75 dB around 3 Khz.

I’ve measured plenty of products, uca202 and DIY, that don’t come anywhere close to their expected performance due to PCB layout issues, component substitution, or supposed “upgrades”.

I just bought one for me. Is it lively uca202 for my purposes?

Given what I was measuring, I uca202 need ultra low noise or distortion. My own uca202 trials support that.