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Line 6 has their own update software Monkey , which helps detect and properly register all Line 6 devices, authorize purchases, and download the newest drivers and software. Plenty more can be bought as add-ons from the Line 6 website. The only disappointment is, it only has four audio tracks with the Ableton live lite 5 software it brings. I am happy having one. Show less Show more. Overall very happy with my TonePort KB37, one must expect to download the proper drivers which were readily available , for any device of this type Line 6 made this as effortless as possible. They are both the exact same device with only 2 minor differences.

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Conscious of this, Line toneport kb37 have created the KB37 — a controller keyboard and audio interface that comes cunningly disguised as a tonport of s studio-ware.

Now that could be useful in some situations, but toneport kb37 you’re usually only recording one channel at a time so it toneporg sense to be able to set it so that you can see input and output levels for that single channel. But I’ve never had driver problems with Line 6 hardware. Line toneport kb37 has their own update software Monkeywhich helps detect and properly toneport kb37 all Line 6 devices, authorize purchases, and download the newest drivers and software.


Also included are guitar pedal effects and studio effects, and additional models can be purchased as well. En utilisant ces derniers, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies. Tone Direct monitoring help to ensure that the best possible results are achieved, whether you’re live or in the studio.


The line six software is awsome with sound effects I always wanted to have. With an integrated keyboard, this Digital Recording Interface delivers world-class Line 6 guitar music and vocal tones every time. Honestly though it’s a toneport kb37 very good device. It’s also worth noting for those wondering about it, you can only record two channels at a time.

Toneport kb37 unit features Since it also includes a built in MIDI controller, it makes it very simple to program a drum track, record a synth track, and then record your vocals, guitar and bass.

Capturing vocals, bass, and guitar are all excellent, but if you toneport kb37 going for low-budget toneport kb37 your biggest issue toneport kb37 capturing the drums. Only one velocity curve option. Internet connection for online features. They can be programmed to either show input levels, outputs levels, or pretty much anything else you can toneport kb37 of, but they both must be programed to do the same thing.

It works very well with Reason 7. Record even recognizes all your Pod presets and toneport kb37 you put them in the Line 6 amps that are toneoort into Record. It even sits perfectly on the toneport kb37 of my desk, between my monitor and my computer keyboard.

Since this device has a MIDI interface, all you have to do is get yourself a good drum programming application and record the MIDI input to get yourself an amazing drum track without worrying toneport kb37 all the hassles that go with drum recording I personally am using Propellerhead Reason with the Drum Kits 2. Redemption, however, comes in the form of incredible ease of use and very high quality sounds, and these features ensure that the KB37 emerges as another fine Line 6 toneport kb37.


Line 6 TonePort KB37 Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Line 6 Toneport KB Show More Show Less. So, it is pretty much like all-in-one box.

Now for things Toneport kb37 don’t like. Obviously the Toneport is no longer sold by Line 6, but you can find the Toneport here on ebay at a much lower price than t he Pod Studio.

Line 6 TonePort KB37 Digital Recording Interface

It features controls on the toneport kb37 and connectors in the rear for convenience. Afficher la traduction automatique. It also features great Line 6 toneport kb37, with includes their signature guitar amp models, bass models, and vocal preamp models.

You can’t have one show input levels and the other show output levels. The ToneDirect monitoring virtually eliminates latency toneport kb37 you’ll be able to record and monitor fully processed tones. And speaking of Propellerhead, this device seems almost like it was built for Propellerhead’s programs Record and Reason.

With 18 settings for guitars and five amp setups, along with six preamps, it delivers breathtaking audio every time you use it.


The Line 6 Toneport KB37 is designed toneport kb37 be a high-quality recording interface that’s easy to use and low priced. What is Pod Farm?