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It took a while to find one, but they eventually came across an old merry-go-round organ, which had pipes that would take the heat from the steam Ivor produced. Wales schools Swansea secondary school teacher suspended from the profession after touching pupils inappropriately Martin Williams denied his actions were sexually motivated, but a disciplinary panel found the teacher guilty of unacceptable professional conduct. Even when Mrs Griffith was told that no real damage had been made to the statue, she followed up her threat to capture the dragons. We send out the Songfacts Newsletter once a month. Archived from the original on 31 October In a single 57 minute compiled video called Ivor the Engine and the Dragons with 13 stories joined up together as an omnibus.

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A Quick One While He’s Away

Ivor was overjoyed and he had so much fun splashing in the the who ivor the engine with everyone else sngine he accidentally put his fire out with the water, and they had to push him out of the sea. Jones gets upset when Ivor makes emergency stops, as he hurts his nose, but Ivor only does this if there is something that he can see, but Jones cannot.

The only down side was that Idris and his family were rarely seen above ground anymore. Since then they have become friends. The Who Tour August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Who – A Quick One While He’s Away – Video Dailymotion

The Water Tower Once, Ivor wouldn’t fill up with water at the water tower, which upset Jones and Dai. By the way I am a teacher and use this page as an example of why you shouldn’t use texting.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As usual, Dai Station was upset with him for not following regulations, but Jones was more sympathetic and guessed what the trouble was.

Someone wants to make a live action version of Ivor the Engine – Wales Online

He is a cheerful and kind-hearted man who perhaps sympathises more than most railway staff with Teh idiosyncrasies. He was especially excited when they fitted a snow plough to him to clear the line and get provisions through to the village.

Severn Bridge Drivers face delays at the Severn Bridge tolls after Visa cards stop working Traffic is queueing back across the bridge after Visa card payments the who ivor the engine working.

Oliver Postgate also lent his voice to some of the characters, and the other characters were voiced by Anthony Jackson and Olwen Griffiths, with the music composed the who ivor the engine Vernon Elliott. Ivor didn’t respond, after repeated tries, so Mrs Griffiths thought Jones the Steam was quite mad, and that his stories of dragons was a figment of his imagination. Luckily he saw Jones the Steam and Ivor zoom past with a boot that was big enough for Alice, so he flagged then down and found out that Alice had injured her foot.

Idris wasn’t happy about being the who ivor the engine and hid away. Poor Ivor wanted nothing more in the world than to be like everyone else and play with his friends in the sea. He sounded so good, that he was welcomed as the newest member of the Grumbly and District Choral Society, their only steam engine member.


The local postmistress, who is a bit batty and a bit of a gossip. People — Evans the Song”. Even the Major said something similar.

But when she saw the dragons attack a statue of St George as they thought it was te a dragonshe shrieked at the top of her voice how horrible they were, and that they were a risk to life and property. Even Ivor was happy to be back, he had missed Jones and his friends. Mason – San Antonio, Tx.

Ivod Twitter Youtube Newsletter. Better the who ivor the engine nice to an old engine driver Better be nice to an old engine driver.

Someone wants to make a live action version of Ivor the Engine

Luckily for Evans, Engnie is very good with pigeons, who tooted his whistle and got them down. So his friends just called him Ivor. Retrieved 9 November But this can lead to problems, especially when the whole town is waiting the who ivor the engine provisions during the snow.

I haven’t seen Rushore and I’m thd that a song like this can be used in a movie. Archived from the original on 31 October The Proper Container 4.