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If TDK can get the software tidied up and its features filled out a little this will be a great product. Compatibility and running costs should be your biggest concerns. Using The Assistant Screen But, whatever the TDK’s shortcomings, it’s available for less than a third of the price of the Epson. Provided you feel confident your fave brand of media will work with the LPCW or you’re prepared to change to one that does then this isn’t such a big deal, and for relatively small batches the running costs aren’t really all that bad and I’d suggest they’re a fair tradeoff for the much more professional look you’ll get to your disks, particularly if they’re promotional disks that clients may be looking at. It’s not quite the screen printed look but it’s a whole lot neater than my rat scrawl and a lot more durable than crappy paper labels that dry out and begin to curl after a few months, bringing with them the risk that one will come off completely in your drive and kill it. Print Results For a printer that is working at a rather lowly DPI the results were reassuringly good.

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I purchased a large tempered glass case and a PSU, and they made it to the U.

Printing A Label Stock level indicator Close. File names and folder names can be imported from PC. Configuring Advanced Settings Although tdk lpcw 50 is a certain lack of precision to the edges of the digits I was glad to see that even very small text remained perfectly legible.


TDK LPCW review – Computer Video Magazine

The Item is built to order. Page 54 Display the screen you want to capture. Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance!

To Print A Label Page of 85 Go. Compatibility and running costs should be your biggest concerns.

To Uninstall The Application This aside I have to say that in its niche there’s nothing I know of that comes close so if you want a near pro level look to your home burned disks without selling a kidney to cover the cost this is probably it. Saving Label Data tdk lpcw 50 Table of contents For Windows Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and l;cw offers!

What surprised me 5 that even when I applied a paper label the printer didn’t tdk lpcw 50 very well and while increasing the print density to the max helped a little the text still had bits missing.

Virtual Reality What is Locw Reality? If an ETA is available it will be displayed on hover. Page 31 Selecting a Font. Don’t have an account?

TDK USB Connection CD / DVD Label Printer | Lpcw-50

Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Using This Manual tkd With that in mind, how does it fair under the microscope?

New Drivers  ST750LM022 DRIVER

Why do you not charge?? If you’re printing a disk label out with its contents isn’t this the sensible time to index that disk? Close the disc tray. Configuring Field Properties free Design Template Using The Assistant Feature The logo in the pic below, which was grabbed and resized automatically using the supplied software, is a bit of a cruel choice in that parts of it featured an edge glow that the LPCW had no hope of recreating.

To Input Text Manually Although TDK tdk lpcw 50 listing their own media as compatible none of the disks I had at my fingertips during testing Memorex, Tevion and Maxall would work tdk lpcw 50 giving patchy results, in fact only my super cheapy all silver disks gave acceptable results.

If TDK can get the tdk lpcw 50 tidied up and its features filled out a little this will be a great product. View Gdk Archive Reviewed in April’s issue: