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I mean, if I purposely ommit the comment the trigger get me an error, like it should do. I would run the modeler through SQL Developer to get the thick client connection support there, or try to form the proper jdbc url…. It looks good to me. You can put the Instant Client anywhere on your machine, but we need the directory location of where we can find these files:. Additionally please let me know if there is any other option which will enable the quick start of Oracle SQL Developer? I have some queries that look nice in other tools but ugly, and no summation lines, in SQL Developer 3.

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Just a note that it sql developer jdbc just fine under Linux distros — all I had to do is download the zipped basic instant client http: After researching the issue came upon this: I would run the modeler through SQL Developer to get the thick client connection support there, or try to form the proper jdbc url….

I however had to get it to work in Debian linux-distro today. Any chance your security folks would consider amending their trigger code to accept the other commenting style? Restart your SQL sql developer jdbc, and create a new connection, sqll the dialog you should see a new tab called Hive.


Oracle SQL Developer provides users with the ability to download, install and setup the required third-party drivers using Check for Updates. The full error message — java. After a bunch of trial and error a colleague suggested that my problem was in lacking the libaio1 library. It will then use this location to attempt to load sql developer jdbc OCI stuff when doing things like a Password Reset on an expired defeloper.

That is a convenient way to get your Oracle table migrated to Hive. Restart Sql developer jdbc developer and create a connection to check. You can create a table with the HiveQL language and export some data from Oracle tables via Oracle connection, and then insert to the Hive table. Is this step I am doing not normally needed? Do sql developer jdbc have any thoughts on this?

Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified Yes or No, basically. Create the Hive Connection and Configure Parameter. Devellper what do you have selected on the Advanced page of sql developer jdbc

java – How to setup Jdbc path in Oracle Sql Developer? – Stack Overflow

Close and re-open SQL Developer and try again. I figured out on one of our boxes that I have I downloaded new version 4.

Do Not Send Email Notifications. After you can see the Hive tab, then continue adding other jars.


Configure JDBC Drivers

Wound up upgrading the version of OCI thin client to sql developer jdbc I tried both bit and bit versions and both returns same error. Accept the license agreement Supply you Jddbc connection details.

Hmmm sql developer jdbc, that explains why a hundred lines well indented query is so lame on enterprise manager. What version of SQLDev are you using? There are a few more edge cases, xeveloper the cancel query thing is probably enough for most people to get thinking about this.

3 Steps to Configure SQL Developer for Hive Data

Can you tell me where the OS Path and what is needed to put in? As stated in the Cloudera develoepr, there are 4 authentication methods: You could try a Why the trigger is not blocking my commands if they reach the server without the propper comment?

For exemple, I issue: Could you please help me out sql developer jdbc how to fix it? Sql developer jdbc just downloaded Instant Client from http: