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SKLZ has produced an iron that can help you on your way to a consistent swing in its Refiner Pro training club. I will definitely continue to use the Refiner Pro daily. I was breaking down at the take away. I got in my driver stance and started my swing. I can hit a nice fade now. How does it look?

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Follow Us Tweets by GolfBalledcom. It felt awkward but I was feeling more torque. For more information on SKLZ products check out their web site. I got in my driver stance and started my swing. Username Password Forgot login? It tefiner like an odd concept to mold a golf swing without hours upon hours of instruction and intricate instructions.

I was doing swings a day at home. With a picture of all the hinge breaks nearby, it was time to reriner acquainted. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ken Lee October 30, Seth October 29, By doing this you are able to square the club-face easier.


That was all that mattered. Performance- Time to read packaging that came with the Refiner.

I guess I should start by letting you know that I have an 18 handicap. They have a nice series of videos to watch on the use of The Refiner Pro. I will say that it is not beneficial to the swing styles that have a squared face upon takeaway.

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Tempo is definitely a big part. It helps get my swing together fast. I was breaking down at the take away. Let me start by slowing down. Refine cringed at the thought of doing swings a day the wrong way for weeks. The shaft is dual-colored Black on front with Yellow on the back side. The grip has a design to set your hands in the correct position every time.

SKLZ Refiner Pro Iron Hinged Training Aid at

My shoulders were now turning. My brain fought me for a little while. Well that did not last long.


Glad to hear you like the Putt Pocket Seth! How would you like to have a blue-print to a traditional swing that had no instructions other than to swing a club engineered to give you negative feedback when you are not swinging properly?

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With the Refiner Pro continuing to show my flaws I started noticing a new swing forming. Apparently something I was lacking. My suggestion is to ask around your circle of golf buddies and see if anyone has one for you to try or even head to a major golf store and check one out before buying. In the short time I have been using it, my driver shots are much better.