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Read the printed page and take appropriate actions. Check “Tray Settings” in the setting mode. The setting is selected in the [Layout] menu of the print window. For example, a Notice Page will be printed in the following situations. Raster data such as bitmap images cannot be adjusted. In Mac OS v

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When you need a very clear image, select [Fine]. The machine must be connected to the same network as your PC. If the edge of the image extends outside the printable area of the machine, the edge may be cut off.

If the IP address is changed, reconfigure the port setting for the printer driver. Check the PC settings.

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Set the margins correctly in the layout settings of the application. If a device is not powered on or is in an error state, see the manual of the device to correct the problem.

Check “Tray Settings” in the setting mode. Wait at least 10 seconds and then turn the main power switch to the ” “position. If you are connected to a network, make sure that the Shsrp cable is securely connected to the hub as well. Ask your administrator to perform [Registration Adjustment].


In Mac OS v If the [Disable Duplex] checkbox is2-sided printing using that tray will not be possible. If you do not know which network the machine is connected to, ask the network administrator.


The print job is too large to fit in memory. The color mode setting is configured in the [Color] menu of the print window. Mx-m50n user authentication is enabled, pdl6 functions that you can use may be restricted in your user settings.

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Does the paper type setting of the selected tray specify a type of paper that cannot be used for 2-sided printing? Check the IP address setting. The setting is selected in the [Paper Select] tab of the printer driver. Set the print orientation to match the image. A message will appear to confirm the cancelation. Make sure that the paper size setting matches the size of paper loaded into the tray. A Notice Page will be printed to indicate the cause of the problem if ms-m450n print job cannot be performed as specified and the cause is not shown in the display.

When [IPsec Settings] is enabled in the setting mode, direct printing of a file in a shared folder may not be possible mx-m40n your PC environment.

Have the peripheral devices that are installed on the machine been configured with the printer driver? The color mode setting is configured on the [Color] tab of the printer driver. Double-click the name of the machine in the printer list, select the job that you wish to delete, sgarp delete it. Windows If auto configuration cannot be executed, see the Ssharp Setup Guide. The resolution setting is selected in the [Advanced] tab of the printer driver properties window.


However, when the paper can only be loaded in a fixed orientation, the image may be printed mx-m4550n down.

Check whether the machine’s printer driver has been selected from the print window of the application. Remove the printer driver and then install it once again. When the background color of the job management display at the upper right corner of the touch panel is not gray, do not switch off the main power switch or unplug the power plug. If [Fit To Paper Size] is selected, check the loaded paper and the paper size setting.

Read the printed page and take appropriate actions. If the machine’s printer driver does not appear in the list of available printer drivers, it may not be installed correctly.