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Thoroughly roll the cartridge 5 or 6 times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Printing Booklets This printer feature allows you to print your document on both sides of the paper and arranges the pages so that the paper can be folded in half after printing to produce a booklet. Page 73 Open the front cover. Don’t have an account? Installing Software for Local Printing A local printer is a printer directly attached to your computer using the printer cable supplied with your printer, such as a USB or parallel cable.

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From the Start menu, choose Settings and then Printers. Note Do not touch the shiny drum cartridge surface.

Samsung scx 6×22 series

Solving other problems The following chart lists some conditions that may occur and the recommended solutions. This can be useful when you want to check fine details on a small document. The printer is now set to print according to the Favorites samsung scx-6×22 you selected. Option Description Auto When receiving a fax containing pages as long as Reduction or longer than the paper loaded in the paper tray, the machine can reduce the size of the original to fit the size of the paper loaded in the machine.

Printing Reports Maintenance This chapter provides information for maintaining your machine and the toner cartridge. Saamsung PostScript problems The following situations are PS samsumg specific and may occur when several printer languages are being samsung scx-6×22.


Samsung SCX-6122 FN Toner Cartridges

Loading Originals Loading originals and print media This chapter introduces you to how to load originals and print media into your machine. Understanding Display Messages In the duplex samsung scx-6×22 area If the duplex samsung scx-6×22 is not inserted correctly, paper jam may occur. Hot water sets toner into fabric.

Samsung website If you have Internet access, you can get help, support, printer samsung scx-6×22, manuals, and order information from the Samsung website, www. Samsung scx-6×22 the front cover. Press OK to save your selection. Scratches or smudges will result in poor copy quality. However, access to the file on the network server was denied.

Samsung SCX-6×22 Printer User Manual

Samsung scx-6×22 The Toner Cartridge Pull the toner cartridge out. Super Fine Originals containing extremely fine detail. Place a single original face down on the scanner glass. With this option set to On a tone sounds each time a key is pressed.

samsung scx-6×22

Margin Shift The Margin Samsung scx-6×22 feature allows you to create a binding edge for the document. It will help to increase the speed. Paper feeding problems Condition Suggested solutions Paper is jammed Clear the samsung scx-6×22 jam.


Click OK and samsung scx-6×22 the document. PPDs, in combination with the PostScript driver, access printer features and allow the computer to communicate with the printer. Click Print and the printer prints on both sides of the paper. samsung scx-6×22

Using Onscreen Help File Used to store frequently dialed fax number and dial them with a sfx-6×22 of the buttons. You can keep printing but the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the product support is no longer provided. Call your fax number from another telephone. Power Saver, Radio Frequency Emissions Power Saver This printer contains advanced energy conservation technology that reduces power consumption when it is not in active use.

Press the Scroll buttons to select Receiving and press OK. Press the Scroll buttons until the language you want appears and press OK.

Page 86 Adjunst samsung scx-6×22 machine setting to the tray paper size of the printer properties. Samsung scx-6×22 OK to add or delete the samsung scx-6×22. Copying This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for copying documents.

Table Of Contents Clearing paper jams