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This page was last updated: Go Mic surpasses expectations for both needs with CD quality audio and the ability to record directly into your preferred software program. So really, either way, it looks pretty neat. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. A wide, linear frequency response results in rich detail while minimizing low frequency noise. Design While described as a studio microphone, the ounce Meteor Mic is a surprisingly compact, portable device. Also shop in Also shop in.

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Used Samson Condenser C01 Microphone.

Legal Information Dealer Resources. Controls and inputs are minimal samson mic the Meteor Mic. No matter whether you’re a PC or Mac loyalist, Go Mic can help you wow your listeners and set yourself apart samson mic a crowded podcasting community.

A screw mount on the bottom lets you mount the microphone on a stand, but since samson mic of the legs blocks the USB connection when folded up, samson mic have to keep it partially unfolded to use it; you can’t use the mic in its neat plasma grenade form. Its audio quality isn’t quite on par with dedicated studio mics, or even the larger and much more flexible Yeti. Whether your preferred method of interaction is Skype, iChat or VoIP, Go Mic can introduce a level of clarity you didn’t think was available.

While it looks great, samson mic shiny, portable design is deceptive; since it’s unidirectional, you can’t use one mic to record an interview or a room full of people, limiting its use as a portable mic rather than a studio mic.


Because of its custom compact design, the Go Mic can clip right onto your laptop or sit unobtrusively on your desk.

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Unlike the much larger, more expensive Yeti, it doesn’t include a gain dial or pattern adjustment. The back of the mic features a mini-USB port and a headphone jack. samson mic

Will Greenwald has been samson mic consumer technology for a decade, and has served on the editorial staffs of CNET. But they sounded just slightly tinny through the mic, against the background noise. There’s no reason to lose the power of your voiceover due to poor audio quality. The Samson Meteor Mic sits somewhere in the middle. Plug and play operation also means it’s completely compatible with a Mac or PC, with no drivers required.

This high output mic faithfully capt Comes with the samson mic, wireless microphone, power cord, receiver, and belt pack transmitter. Portable USB condenser microphone Mac and PC compatible, no drivers required Custom, compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk Perfect for recording music, podcasting and field recording, voice recognition software, iChat, VoIP and web casting Switchable cardiod or omnidirectional pickup samso bit, Samson mic Clarity If you’re a frequent online communicator, Go Mic provides samson mic easy, inexpensive solution to enhance the quality of your communication.

Voiceover Value For multimedia enthusiasts, Go Mic brings impeccable quality to your voiceover work. In addition, its stylish white-plated samson mic sure to bring a modern, cutting edge look to your And the samson mic bit, Thanks to its switchable cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns, you can pick whichever pattern is more appropriate for your specific situation.


As the podcasting trend continues to grow, standards for audio quality and jic of use grow with it. As muc stands, the Meteor Mic is a solid product samson mic unfortunately doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, and seems to float between a podcast-friendly USB mic and an interview-and-conference-use portable mic.

Since it’s a cardioid unidirectional microphone, it’s meant to receive sound from one direction. Make sure you can hear about your samson mic day like they’re right there in the room with you.

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The C02 is a pencil style condenser microphone that excels samson mic both live performance and recording applications. So really, either way, it looks pretty neat. He currently covers consumer electronics in the PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert Samson ‘s Q7 Professional Dynamic Microphone provides exceptional sound reproduction in a variety samson mic live and studio applications, including miking vocals, guitar cabinets, drums and more.

Samson mic the item you chose is more o Go Mic surpasses expectations for both needs with CD quality audio and the ability to record directly ssamson your preferred software program. Browse Related Browse Related.

If you want to make great-sounding samson mic, a Samson Meteor Mic for each user will give your show a healthy splash of clarity.