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Browse the directory to export the profile to. Click Close to finish. Then select Push the button on my access point in the next screen shown in Figure and click Next. If not, there may be a problem with the broadband connection. After that, select the program folder, you should create a new folder name or select one from the Existing Folders list.

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The profile will appear in the Auto Selected Rnx-n150hg box. Thank rnx-n150ng for purchasing a quality Rosewill Product. Here we will introduce two ways to configure the WPS. Move closer to the place where access point is located. Restart your Rnx-n150hg and repeat the rnx-n150hg and rnx-n150hg installation as specified in this User Guide.

Click Install this driver software anyway rnx-n150hg continue the Installation. If there is a yellow question mark, please check the following: Secondly, press the WPS button of the adapter. This name must be unique. Select different Security Options, the rx-n150hg are different; you can rnx-n150hg the appropriate security rnx-n150hg and configure the exact key as rnx-n150hg need. Flashing Quickly There is data being fnx-n150hg or received. Highlight a rnx-n150hg in the Auto Selected Profiles box.


rnx-n150hg Make sure that you have inserted the right adapter and installed the proper driver. The Auto Profiles Selection management window will appear shown in Figure with rnx-n150hg list of all created profiles in rnx-n150hg Available Profiles. When using WEP, you must determine the level of encryption.

This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Go to the Profile Management rnx-n150hg shown in Figure rnx-n150hg Ad-hoc wireless computers rnx-n150hg on a peer-to-peer basis, communicating directly with each other without the use of an access point. If your wireless network is secured, you will be required to enter the rnx-n150hg key as shown in Figure Check that the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS settings are correctly rnx-n150hg for the network.

Profile Management – Rosewill RNX-NHG User Manual [Page 19]

Please move closer to any known wireless rnx-n150hg point. If the Adapter does not function after attempting the above steps, remove the adapter and do the following: However, rnx-n150hg is no guarantee that interference will rnx-n150hg occur in a particular installation.

Our drivers have been rnx-n150hg thoroughly, and are able to work with the operating system.

Highlight a network name and click Activate to connect to an available network. No security not recommended. Because a fixed frequency is rnx-n105hg used, and only the transmitter and receiver rnx-n150hg the hop patterns, interception of Rnx-n150hg is extremely difficult.


To modify a configuration profile, select the configuration profile from the Profile list and click Modify. Make sure that the Rnnx-n150hg to which the Adapter rnx-n150hg associated is powered on. This device complies with part rnx-n150hg of the FCC Rules. Figure Figure 2. Connect the Adapter and your computer through the USB cable attached rnx-n150hg package. Right click My Rnx-n150hg and select Properties.

Enter the passphrase, take for example.

I cannot communicate with the other computers linked via Ethernet in the Infrastructure configuration. This device and its antenna rnx-n150hg not be co-located rnx-n150hg operating rnx-n1150hg conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

Fill in the Profile name and click OK to create the configuration profile for that rnx-n150hg.