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Version error The version of the external authentication module is not correct. Booklet staple motor error 2 The 1st detection failure causes a jam error, and the 2nd failure causes this SC code. Please click here to contact our office for prices and queries. Polygon motor error 3: After two attempts to release the error by re-setting the paper tray, if this does not solve the problem then this SC is displayed.

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Ricoh 5000b are the only company in the UK who can provide in-house manufacturer led service support, hardware and software sales of all the leading market ricoh 5000b. ID sensor pattern test error One of the following readings occurred 10 times in the ID sensor output when ricooh ID sensor pattern was checked: This can be caused by switching the machine off while it is operating.

HDD status codes are displayed below the SC code. Booklet staple motor error 2 The 1st detection failure causes a jam error, and rricoh 2nd failure causes this SC code. Printer error 1 An internal application error was detected and operation cannot continue.

Finisher folder plate ricoh 5000b error The folder plate moves but 500b not detected at the home position within the specified time. Ricoh 5000b lamp consecutive full power 1 After warm-up the fusing lamp remains at ricoh 5000b power for 15 seconds without the hot roller rotating. Vsg adjustment error Vsg is more than 4.

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Program execution error An unexpected error occurs when the modem Embedded RCG-M tries ricoh 5000b call the center with a 50000b up connection. Check and reset the modem board setting with SP MF accounting device error 1 The riclh sends data to the accounting device, but the device does not respond. Pick-up roller HP error When the pick-up motor ricoh 5000b on counterclockwise, the pick-up roller HP sensor does not detect the home position of the pick-up roller.


When the tray lift motor is turned on, the upper limit is not detected within 10 seconds.

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Polygon motor error 2: If the program does not contain this license data, or if the result of the check shows that the license data in the program on the SD card is incorrect, then the checked program cannot execute and this SC code is displayed. For the sheet booklet finisher The rear stapler ricoh 5000b saddle-stitch motor does not start operation ricoh 5000b the specified time. A device check error occurs when the copy data security function is set to “ON” with the ricoh 5000b setting.

Replace the controller board.

Transfer belt contact motor error The transfer belt HP sensor detects incorrect movement of the transfer belt after the transfer belt contact motor has turned on.

Copy Data Security Unit error The copy data security board is not detected when the copy data security function is set “ON” with the initial setting.

Log Data Error An error is detected in the handling of the log ricoh 5000b richo power on or during machine operation. This error is defined when the detected zero cross signal is less than Stack junction gate ricoh 5000b error The stack junction gate motor moves but the stack junction gate is not ricoh 5000b at its position within a specific time.


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For the paper feed unit: Printer font error A necessary font is not found in the SD card. Polygon motor error ricoh 5000b Application cannot start Register processing does not operate for an application within 60 s after the machine power ricoh 5000b turned on.

In addition, various scanning ricoh 5000b enable you ricoh 5000b communicate information throughout your office in a snap. The upper tray paper height sensor does not change its status with the specified time after the riclh raises or lowers. The 1st detection failure causes a jam error, and the 2nd failure causes this SC code.

Shift jogger ricoh 5000b 2 error The side fence does not retract within the prescribed time after the shift jogger ricooh 2 switches on. Folding unit bottom fence lift motor The folding unit bottom fence movement is not finished within a certain time.

Data area An error occurs while the machine deletes data from the HDD. Replace the BICU 2.