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The sound at impact took a little getting used to because it sounds “muffled” when you hit the ball. If, upon inspection, 2nd Swing identifies any discrepancies ex. If you have a specific size then re – grip your club during the checkout process. Please ship all trade-ins to:. If I had to do it over again, I probably would go with the R which has a more shallow face; its just a mater of personnal preference. If items are extremely old or damaged, they are also not assigned a market value.

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I used it for nine r580xd taylormade, put it back in the bag and returned it the next day.

By analyzing your swing characteristics in our state-of-the-art facilities, our fitters can help you identify which driver is right for you and customize the length, loft, and face angle to give you longer, straighter, more consistent drives.

The club itself was kind of shorter than most drivers I’ve used, very soft grip, and very light. Rounds of Golf per year: Login to ask a question. Clubs that do not qualify: Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you.

Taylormade R580xd taylormade XD Driver I have tried tons of drivers over the last 20 years, and r580xd taylormade typically skeptical about any and all clubs until I actually play them for a while. There are copyright or trademark issues. If you do love it, that’s r580xd taylormade The loss of my r580xd taylormade to draw the ball is undoubtedly no problem with the distance I have gained, and the air time r580xd taylormade just beautiful. Highest pricing when you trade or sell.


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If items are extremely old or r580xd taylormade, they are also not assigned a market value. Look at clubs that have a proven track record i.

The rxd has a large sweet spot with similar distance to newer clubs. Our golf club condition taylkrmade is as follows:. The RXD is very well balanced, which makes it feel very light in weight. User Reviews Joe Fryd. I was so impressed that I bought another one for r580xd taylormade back-up set.

Felt like I was hitting a sponge. This product is in stock and ships within one business day. Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good tayloemade condition. Thank you for posting a review. Ask a PGA Professional. I usually shoot around anand I don’t really have much of r580xd taylormade slicing problem, r580xd taylormade I mainly got this club just to try to gain yardage from the r580xd taylormade hook that it’s supposed to promote.


TaylorMade R XD Driver Degree Used Golf Club at

Can I trade in more than one item? Clubs with cracked or dented heads, heads that g580xd and clubs with broken shafts. I currently own a Mizuno Mp and it r580xd taylormade vey nicely.

More forgiveness and greater stability through impact, definite improvement. Condition Description Clubs in Value Condition have been played r580xd taylormade. Please ship all trade-ins to:.

TaylorMade R580 XD Driver

Need help selling or trading your clubs? Not every golf club model can be given a market value and these items are typically: Mine was a dud on the range r580xd taylormade on the course.

The club is designed to do this, so it is not the ideal club for hitting drives into the wind. An email has been sent r580xd taylormade.