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Power Supply Circuit 2. Otherwise, the printer might accidentally print using features set for a previous job. In order to run this test, the serial interface board must be installed with a serial loopback test connector attached to it. Cut the nylon tie and release the cable. Printhead Operation Printhead Operation Printhead Operation When the printhead is idle, the armature is attracted to the permanent magnet.

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The print wires, which are attached to each armature, are then concealed inside the wire guide. Remove the three screws 1.

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Refer to the Printer Handbook for more information. Working from the underside of the unit, release the claws of the paper pan 1.

Is it correctly connected? Paper Tear Capabilities 1. Page End of procedure.

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When using cut sheet paper, the change lever micrline be in the TOP position so the platen and pressure rollers can feed the paper. Do not touch the contacts of the space motor 3. The magnetic field generated by the coil opposes the magnetic field between the armature and the permanent magnet. Remove oki microline 590 space motor assembly and inspect the space motor and space rack oki microline 590 dirt and worn teeth.


Reverse the procedure for the installation. To perform the serial interface loopback test, follow these steps.

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Page Cable: In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must unlock the exhausted platen assembly by pushing the two release-levers inwards, and then remove the exhausted component from the impact printer. One of the menu oku that may be set by the end user is the operator panel function.

Page 89 Chapter 3 3. oki microline 590

Follow the procedures listed in Adjustments and Service Settings. Page 92 This micriline contains the printer disassembly procedures. Stand and Metal Tear B Position the unit so you can access the top and bottom of the leaf spring 1. Is the carriage assembly binding or jammed? Oki microline 590 Microline uses both springs.

This adjustment should be performed when the following parts are replaced. Printhead Gap Adjustment 3.


Okidata microline personal printer user’s manual pages. Front Panel Switches 1. Oki microline 590 the top of the test is the printer type 1emulation 2country 3and firmware revision level 4.

This information is used to determine the optimum drive time for the next print request. Remove the carriage cable.

Oki microline 590 the printhead is removed, you must use a flat-blade screwdriver to release the four oki microline 590 of the micropine case assembly, and then remove the gear case assembly by pulling it up.

Rotate the adjust cam 1 in the direction of arrow A as far as possible. Check the AC cable. Top Of Form 3. Selects Item Value Exit: