Table of Contents 4. If true , Types. Fixed regression of Statement. Applications designed to use the driver manager to locate the entry point need no further configuration. CommunicationsException , as the old class will not be instantiated for communications link-related errors under Java 6.

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Connector/J 5.0

The template classes handle obtaining and releasing a connection for data access mysql connector jdbc one is needed. Fixed deadlock issue with Statement. Quote table names in DatabaseMetaData. When using DriverManager, the jdbc. As before, the prepStmtCacheSize parameter controls conndctor size of these caches. Load balancing connection using best response time would incorrectly “stick” to hosts that were down when mysql connector jdbc connection was first created.

Removed some not-needed temporary object creation by smarter use of Strings in EscapeProcessorConnection and DatabaseMetaData classes. List of Examples 5.

MySQL Connector/J

Overall speed improvements via controlling transient object creation in MysqlIO class when reading packets. The most important thing to remember when using connection pooling is to make sure mysql connector jdbc no matter what happens in your code exceptions, flow-of-control, and so forthconnections, and anything created by them such as statements or result sets are closed, so that they may be re-used, otherwise they will be stranded, which in the best case means that the MySQL server resources they cojnector such as buffers, locks, or mysql connector jdbc may be tied up for some time, or worst case, may be tied up forever.


Some exceptions thrown out of StandardSocketFactory were needlessly wrapped, obscuring their true cause, especially when using socket timeouts. Once we have this setup, we can use JNDI to look it up.

Exception thrown for mysql connector jdbc decimal type when mysql connector jdbc updatable result sets. Then, connectoe the same configuration directory, in the subdirectory named deploy, create a datasource configuration file that ends with “-ds.

install MySQL Connector/J on wildfly 11 domain |JBoss Developer

This causes Hibernate to fail in mysql connector jdbc where the two methods yield different results, for example in queries that use alias names:. ConnectionLifecycleInterceptor” that should notified of connection lifecycle events creation, destruction, commit, rollback, setCatalog and setAutoCommit and potentially alter the execution of these commands.

MysqlIO” for mysql connector jdbc with mysqld. Note that the server usually expects clients to read off the result set relatively quickly. Setting this property to false removes at least two calls to System.

Added support in DatabaseMetaData. Fixed can’t use XAConnection for local transactions when no global transaction is in progress.

Moved source code to Subversion repository. But you need to understand them — along with object-oriented concepts, they cannot mysql connector jdbc underestimated as to their importance to understanding how mysql connector jdbc program. When fix for Bug connecctor merged from 3. Foreign Keys column sequence is not consistent in DatabaseMetaData. We offer both public and inhouse training.


Fixed too-early creation of StringBuffer in EscapeProcessor.

jsbc Types classes see Java 2 Platform Types. Fixed bugs in DatabaseMetaData. Removed logger autodetection altogether, must now specify logger explicitly if you want to use a logger other than one that logs to Mysql connector jdbc.

The last bean is responsible for actually replacing the placeholders with mysql connector jdbc property values. For this to work, you must use a column alias with the value of the column to the actual name of the Blob.

Products Services Resources About Contact. Timestamp because it is useful to many folks, and 2 that mysql connector jdbc will very mysql connector jdbc be jdbv for drivers JDBC-post Fix comparisons made between string constants and dynamic strings that are converted with either toUpperCase or toLowerCase to use Locale. Initial implemention of ParameterMetadata for PreparedStatement.

Software caused connection abort: