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I know this is a old thread. Whenever I set an option in these testing programs I see my teensy blink once, but noting else happens. If anyone has any ideas. Personally I’d give up on it unless you have lots of spare time, really have a thing for soldering stuff and want a pet project. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Super clean, works well, in original box.

Having done some research I hear that not all adaptors work with this specific joystick. Nobody realised that the game hardware would last and much of it didn’t. Of course, it has no game flrce for my Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel. The wheel is clearly a very well made piece of equipment, and I’m saddened that I can no longer use it. Index Recent Topics Search.

Midi Force Feedback Protocol

Posted 18 October – As far as that particular patent goes, it only concerns the invention on transferring a fairly limited variety of data to joystick via Game Port what’s implemented in the Overdrive protocol. Finally I’ve got it woking. Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad Still hard on the search I’m having a little trouble figuring out the protocol for the packets sent over the MIDI channel.


I have the Sidewinder Pro When will Gameport support be added to Win 7, 32bit and 64bit. Does it have game port or USB connector? The board you linked seems to be the same project as I linked since it has common sources with my link.

Then again, if anyone out there has come up with a fully working solution, including force feedback, do please let us know. I bought a Rockfire USB adapter, hoping that reedback work, but it doesn’t.

Did u have any luck finding drivers for ur controller? Personally I’d give up on it unless you have lots of spare time, really have a thing for soldering stuff and want a pet project.

How can I run Gameport?

Posted October 18, Already have an account? Posted 14 December – First time I’ve soldered the optional capacitators, too.

Very easy to set up. This has been done for one joystick and one wheel.

Everywhere I’ve gone online, everything I’ve seen, indicates that there is no adaper made that’ll handle the port conversion. I’ve gmaeport used the wheel for probably 15 years, but when I dug it out I was surprised to find it is apparently still functional, and in very good condition. I am running on whatever comes before windows I would love to make them useful once more.


Closing the receptors with tape was also a good idea, i guess i read that at SimHQ. I am an old time gamer and also play Yuri’s Revenge on XP.

vJoy Forum: vJoy helping an old MS Sidewinder working again (1/1)

Thanks for checkin’ in. Sign up for a new account in our community. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.