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This model is available in 6U, 9U,12U and 15U versions. These systems are presently best suited for large and small installations using the most common control software. If you have one computer connecting with N at 5. This panel, as well as being equipped with power terminals and output for connection to the ventilation panel, is also supplied cabled with the power cord. The entire assembly is enclosed in a black sheath suited to outdoors installation in a low smoke zero halogen material LSZH. There are also other types of construction which, however, employ the same criteria discussed above, such as open slot construction, which is similar to loose buffer, and ribbon cable, which is similar to tight buffer.

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Micronet SP906GK Driver

The fundamental requirement for this type of transmission is thus that the material be transparent, like glass, rather than a good conductor.

Our site contains all our catalogues and price lists in Acrobat pdf format for you to download and peruse at your leisure. The machine rooms must satisfy both certain climatic requirements temperature, dust, humidity, etc.

Contact Us name Please enter your name. To check whether a link is capable of supporting a specific application, it transmits Ethernet packets along the link and measures its capacity in accordance with the Gigabit Ethernet IEEE The entire panel can of course be disassembled, inspected via the two side panels, cables can be routed through the top and bottom panels as well as the back and the door is equipped with a lock as well as tempered glass.

Bending the fibre beyond its maximum bending radius during installation this is a typical problem in installation creates problems of refraction. Observe the maximum power draw indicated on each unit.


One of the wires of the pair is shorted somewhere along the length of the cable or at the connector. The two wires of a twisted pair have been swapped e. Just as with the base, push the top panel down onto the uprights so that they fully insert for the entire height of the panel.

With reference only to the topology of the system, there are three distinct classes: Look at most relevant Micronet wifi utility websites out of The fibre is composed of two coaxial cylinders, one inside the other, in glass fibre, and the difference between these two layers of glass consists in the fact that they have different indices of refraction.

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MicroNet SPC Specifications

To order the CD, visit www. The catalogue is divided by sector, both from the point of view of theory and product range. Suited for use on campus backbones, building backbones, horizontal cabling Suited for high density sites and fusion splicing Compact structure, suited for installation in limited areas such as duct pipes.

Such fibres are suited to high microet data transmission and provide a limited margin of error over distances of several km. They are handy and sp907yk to use, thanks to the table of contents divided by product category which links directly to the respective pages.

Attenuation is the loss in power of the light pulse travelling along a fibre. Ground connections guarantee the safety of users against indirect contacts, as well as a certain degree of ECM screening. To this is added the convenience of the 19″ rack standard in terms of sizing.

Micronet SP907GK Driver

This fibre is characterised by the fact that with such a large diameter core, it has many modes of transmission, which results in, among others, different distances of transmission. The panels maintain the usual benefits in terms of both installation and daily use, such as key operated lock, 6U 19″ rack top panel for dedicated accessories such as cable slots or 2 and 3 module ventilation panels which would otherwise normally install inside the panel.


These were considered cutting edge in data transmission a years ago, nowadays they are considered an excellent compromise between performance and cost. Rather than being mechanically attached to the fibre, as in the Light-Crimp system, the connector is filled with glue using a syringe.

Polyester tape PES External sheath and fire behaviour: Touchscreen, colour, x TFT mm 6.

In order to use this particular technology, the user needs the crimping equipment required for hooking spp907gk fibre cables. Replace the fuse when the led is off, making sure to disconnect the unit from the mains first.

With its attractive design, it is equipped with a handy case to protect both micront main and the remote units. Do you have other computers connecting to it? What is required today in systems with high transmission requirements will tomorrow be microneh normal; this is why Cat. They are composed of a single plastic tube at the centre which contains the robust fibres immersed in a gel for greater mechanical protection.

The connection method is as follows: