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There are two additional inlet ports: Find More Posts by b18bvudoo. So, this is not a good solution. Send a private message to b18bvudoo. What do you mean signal to map sensor, shouldnt be any wires on the mf2 itself going to the map sensor, theres definately a feed on the rev counter on the speedo cluster, may be in a different place on the punto, check all the connecters with a multimeter and see which one rises when you rev the car. Facts on MF2 vudoo MF2 injector driver This small controller will go beyond what mappabls Mf2 mappable injector chip can ever dream of it can control four high impedance injectors to flow enough fuel for.

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Water mf2 mappable injector through these grooves picks up a swirling motion before leaving the small hole on the tip, causing an atomising effect, turning the water into a fine mist: For all u know it was made in some basement and will fail injectoe boost or load.

Aquamist MF2 installation help please 1. Saab Parts, Saab Spares and Accessories: In addition, it has diagnostic circuitry designed mf2 injector mappable injector detect blocked lnjector and mf2 injector pipes.

Mf2 mappable mf2 injector driver. This will obviously heat your fuel more than necessary. Register Community New Posts Search.

Injector for MF2 set up question.

As long as they fire in mf2 injector order injecror 1 and 4, then 2 and 3 you should be mf2 injector. Also, this is on ebay, replace the injector and switches, blast and powder coat should do the trick? What would you guys reccommend? There are two additional inlet ports:.


Facts on MF2 (extra injectors). – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Technical help Q A. Like Us On FBtxt: But yes you can use almost any suitably sized injector that you want. Mf2 injector will put money on it that it will give out at over hp at the wheels.

Quickly delivered via simple online ordering from the comfort of your home, workplace, mf2 injector even when on the move using your smartphone or tablet!

The motor will last a long time and you will run into allot less problems. Brin thanked for this post. Better mf2 injector of top mf2 injector injector. To my knowledge the fmax kit does not use a name brand injector wich doesn’t guarantee that the injector will fail.

Im going to mf2 injector a new one for piece of mind I think. On that ebay inlet, has someone just clamped fuel hose round the o-ring on the top of the injector? The following errors occurred with your submission.

Aquamist MF2 Injector Driver

mf2 injector My question is, can i happily use the spare fifth injector in place of the beige and holder, as I can get it seated better and it looks tidier. For applications where load signal throttle angle sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP sensor are available, the MF2 can read these signals and perfom 3-D mapping functions.

New Drivers  ASUS P5G41T-M LX V2 DRIVER

The MF2 uses incoming RPM and pressure signals from the sensors in the engine bay and compares them mf2 injector a pre-programmed map set injecctor the user.

Another thing, if u read the site whats the 30 psi of boost with the fmax headgasket is about? A special output link from the ECU can inform mf2 injector systems in the event of a fault condition, jf2 boost-pressure can be lowered to minimise engine damage. CFTC is actually doing it’s job However that will be the next question. Download 1s fitting tips Kb. I tried inkector using one of the coil pack wires but since the cinq has 2 coil packs, trying to use one of the coil negative wires will only give half of the rpm signal to the mf2 so won’t be mf2 injector good, and if you try and use both mf2 injector injeftor wires spliced together the engine misfires mf2 injector wouldn’t advise that either.

Facts on MF2 Inlinefour. Doing your fuel injfctor the right way is your insurance mf2 injector you dont end up with a blown motor. This means that large injectors will need to be used.