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Signs of wear can include aesthetic issues such as scratches, and discoloration. It was the first racing wheel set compatible to the Microsoft Xbox , so being the very first certified Xbox steering wheel that you can still acquire, we believe a short test and a summary just need to be present. Its black colour and the arrows blend in paint, so PC-gamers may mistake it for a horn. I’ve bought a Fanatec Speedster wheel last month to reverse engineer that some more. Discussion about back-ups, et cetera, is fine. It will be vastly improved with an adequate long-wearing gaming seat and a better-functional, allowing more fine-tune settings wheel set – like the metal frame chassis OpenWheeler game seat plus the Manettino dial Thrustmaster Ferrari Italia wheel. However, if you’re not really that tempted of having the top of the pops for your console, among the Xbox wheels there’s a whole bunch of alternatives for it.

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Gaming, gamer, racing accessories. The throttle needs to be more sensitive and adequate. The integrated suction caps are handy and work ideally, yet you’d hardly want to mount your vibration simulator steering wheel controller on your coffee table if you’re to extensively play sim racers and arcades.

MadCatz Xbox MC2 Racing Wheel review: MadCatz Xbox MC2 Racing Wheel – CNET

In more recent history, whenever speed was needed – faster, purebred horses had to be used. Linux should also support it out of the box. Full Auto refused to work with the wheel at all, as the game wouldn’t accept start button presses and progress past the title screen. The degree rotation is enough for arcades like Need for Speed: One of the features, of this mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc, is retractable leg supports, for laptop play.


It works great on PC and Xbox Overall, the mzd is sturdy but hardly stylish–the faux-dashboard stickers give off a bit of a Power Wheels vibe. Please see pictures for more details.

Madcatz MC2

I’m a Linux guy myself and uinput works fine for me. I was curious if Raccing could use the steering wheel for racing games on my PC, so I bought a xbox to pc controller adapter: The best iPhone asks you to think different. The wheel can be tethered to a table via suction cups or left on the player’s lap with retractable leg supports. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc PC did recognize the wheel when it was connected, but there was no software available to get the wheel working.

The stick’s absence is a little puzzling, though, when you consider that some buttons are represented mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc three separate areas of the wheel. Ultimately, the Xbox MC2 Racing Wheel hasn’t made the same jump in quality that the system’s games and controllers have, which makes it feels like mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc rehashed version of the previous generation’s steering wheels. True, some of the blame for control woes can be attributed to the game developers, but we’ve used plenty of wheels that allow you to dynamically map button functions to the wheel’s buttons.

All buttons are though nice to touch and responsive. Log in or sign up in seconds. Apple MacBook Pro bug patched, kicking in full performance.

Review Sections Review Specs. It is generally the same in the breathtakingly realistic computer and console racing video games simulators, arcades, etc. Then, mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc your prudent decision. The futuristic design is what attracts your attention from the very beginning.


Another surprise, but a nice one is the 4-directional D-Pad at the raclng of the wheel circle. This one doesn’t, so it falls to the developer’s whims to determine compatibility. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world.

[SOLVED] MadCatz MC2 wheel and pedals setup – How to get them to work on a PC?

Burnout Revenge had loose steering–god help us if the game actually included shifting–while Need for Speed: Is there anything I can do, or will this not work? It’s not a big deal, since it never really performs an important mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc current racers use it for camera movement.

We tested the Xbox MC2 Racing Wheel with every mc22 title currently available for theand results were mixed, to say the least.

Mad catz mc2 racing wheel pc Pursuit and Burnout Paradise in particular riding the sport bikes therewhile the actual steering could have been more precise. Skip to main content. That said, thanks to a healthy supply of small rubber grips on the bottom of their base, you don’t have to worry about the pedals moving around while you’re driving–so long as you place them on a smooth floor surface.