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I’m cognisant how these deltas could be simply attributed as much to the cable brand switch as the connection mode change. You should remove all old crap. Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. I f Maverick makes former drivers by design incompatible , their designers are to blame, and indirectly a calculated risk for those who accepts the consequences of teh new OS by buying it. You might know that some OS X audiophiles moving up to Mavericks witnessed an unpleasant side effect of the OS upgrade: Balanced connectivity and the ability to run sample rates up to kHz make this already compelling proposition a damn-near must have.

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HiFace looks like a small USB pendrive, featuring a very compact size. Audirvana’s integer mode isn’t possible with any Mk1 hiFace but even disabling eom check box still couldn’t coax sound.

So much for the introduction. They usually distort it or don’t show it at all. Alternatively, could try to see out a Firestone Audio Bravo: I need people to test it.

It does not reduce dynamics the most common problemdoes not sound anaemic equally common or boring and nondescript.

The tone of a well clocked device is deeper, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated and more natural. Please select the quantity of products you want to buy and click on ‘Add to Shopping List’ button.


In addition, very high quality clock oscillators are used to get Jitter at the lowest possible level. M2tevh layers are assigned for data handling.

No drivers are necessary with either Mac and Linux computers, while a single standard driver is required for Windows computers. This was an expensive DAC and I feel like Metrum has done very little in the way of staying in touch with their customers ME about how this problem was to be addressed.

USB DAC 1 – Hi-Resolution System

More information about this product you can k2tech on the productpage of the manufacturer. For Windows XP, 7 or 8 a driver is available. It’s like a Ferrari on a sandy road. A slightly different type of sonic change can be wrought with m2tecb supply improvements. This quality alone marks the Hex a hero in its own price range.

I f Maverick makes former drivers by design incompatibletheir designers m2tecy to blame, and indirectly a calculated risk for those who accepts the consequences of teh new OS by buying it.

Expect most improvements with micro signals resulting in better space retrieval around acoustic instruments including recorded venue acoustics. Receiving a mixed reception at its release inthis latter-career entry from R. However the M2Tech converter in ‘full gear,’ i.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

Everything was there but it did not evoke in me the kind of emotions the Italian converter did. The Hex exposed an abundance of timbral information obfuscated by the Micromega unit.


It has very powerful and deep bass and can show this effect on its own. Here music played into thinner air.

Nowadays I pay less attention to tonal balance, details and other technical aspects and concentrate more on how the music affects me, how it evokes emotions.

metrum-OEM-products | Metrum Acoustics™ GLOBAL

It should be more easy as both interfaces were on the same quality m2tecch then it was a matter of swapping but as mentioned we put a lot of effort to the design to bring it on a higher level. We’d have to put in a bigger piece of memory to buffer the data. Metrum Acoustics recently decided to develop a new USB interface. I was just going to buy a hiFace adapter.

A non-audiophile buddy has a phrase for certain techno tunes that wallop hard below the belt and sugar sparkle up top.

Then we get dense treble, a correct cymbals body with true weight. Few speakers can do it well even fewer amps. What’s the sampling freq, Kenneth?