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HP Spectre x 13 late Unplug the three wires to the Wifi module. The ThinkPad T61p lasted almost three hours on our DVD battery drain test using the included nine-cell battery, which sticks out about a half-inch from the rear of the system. The items that gained the most attention out of the box were system operating temperatures, as well as the new LCD cover construction. If that type of thing bugged you, the matte black finish, squared edges, and industrial looks would have turned you off well before that wider bexel on one edge. Leave the backup battery connected.

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The ports and connections on the T61p are in line with what you’d expect from a business laptop, although we’d have liked to see one more USB port and an S-Video output.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61p Review

The T61p is the first widescreen ThinkPad mobile workstation, and the latest high-end offering from Lenovo. The T61p is a great business notebook for those who need lots of power and features, and the fact that it’s environmentally friendly and efficient to a degree helps make the purchase easier to justify. The T61p also features both an eraser-head pointing stick and a touch pad, each of which has a set of mouse buttons the top set includes a scroll button in the middle.

Most of them had come off and stuck to the shrunken tape.

Remove 2 medium-length screws from the bottom rear edge and two short screws from the screen brackets on the top side. Lenovo ThinkPad T61p Two months after we reviewed the Lenovo ThinkPad T61the company released the ThinkPad T61p, a mobile workstation that features a faster processor, higher-end discrete graphics, and graohics sharper-resolution display for business users who want a laptop that can handle data- or graphics-intensive applications.


I am happy to say that not only is the plastic lid just as sturdy, but it has much less flex than the older cover. But, having come this far, Grapuics decided to try and repair the damage and put it back together. Two short screws on the top, one long one from the lnovo rear right corner, one long one from the outer rear bottom left corner, four little flat ones from the metalwork near the CPU.

It also has a blue ThinkVantage button for quick access to troubleshooting utilities.

Unfortunately it takes components with it, so they end up on the tape instead of the PCB. Message 5 of 5. You can type comfortably for hours at this keyboard as if it was your desktop in front t661p you.

Remove the two tiny screws holding the left speaker and move it to one side. The symptom was that the machine would start booting but Windows 7 would just bluescreen immediately. However, the distance decreased gradually. Unless you’re a graphics professional, however, your needs will likely be met with a much cheaper, consumer-focused system, such as the MicroExpress IFL90 or the HP Pavilion dvt.

Swap the CPU and RAM to the new motherboard, and make sure you put the little foam block on top graphucs the transistors by the VGA socket — it conducts heat to the heatsink. The ThinkPad T61p isn’t for everyone–in fact, many users’ needs can be met with less-expensive systems–but video and graphics professionals and other power users will find what they need within the ThinkPad T61p’s slender, portable case.

Plug 1 is grey, 3 is white, 2 is black. You can find it in the bottom of the laptop, in a black and white sticker. My strategy is to heat the whole chip area while carefully poking some nearby easy-to-repair part to see when the solder has melted. Many other parts can be easily inspected and are far less likely to have hidden problems and for them ebay can be a good source.


Lenovo Thinkpad T61p

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You will, of course, need an Leave the backup battery connected. I put the battery in, pressed the power switch, and apart lenovoo a brief flicker of the power light, nothing. The ThinkPad T61p lasted almost three hours on our DVD battery drain test using the included nine-cell battery, which sticks out about a half-inch from the rear of the system.

The ThinkPad T61p comes in two sizes, one being The T61p managed heat much better than the older T60 under normal use.

Be careful in Ebay, ask for a picture of the real product and for confirmation that the board have any of the part numbers above.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61p review: Lenovo ThinkPad T61p – CNET

Also swap the PC Card cage, which is held by two screws underneath the motherboard. The LCD cover was also changed on the T61, going from the stamped magnesium piece, to plastic. Message 2 of 5.