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If it is there you need to somehow get it to talk to the TV viewing application. Load “v4l” If the card has other video inputs, try them. I confess I do not know how this type of remote should work. Well, regarding the search results in altavista, there are so many links not only in Spanish but also from Argentina. It could be a third driver or one of those loaded already are supposed to ktvc the job. And finally if I load the module for card the button mapping is a totally mess, but it works good, if I press kozumi ktvc button, that button works, but you know the problem?

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Kozumi KTV-01C Free Driver Download (Official)

It could be a third driver or one of those loaded already are supposed to do the job. Thank you for kozumi ktv-01c ktvc, che!

But with tvtime, zapping, xawtv, or kozumi ktv-01c I was getting no signal, so I looked up in internet and I found how to configure it correctly, I have to rmmod the modules that are loaded by default and modprobe them with correct parameters.

I’m not so expert in fact, not kozumi ktv-01c all to know how to make a driver, or to configure properly a complicated software, I just like to use free kozumi ktv-01c that’s why I’m trying with linux.


Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. I recompiled some kozumi ktvc in order to remap the keys. Enjoy an ad free experience by logging in. Typically this just shows the keyboard and mouse. Is the kozumi ktv-01c of this remote kozumi ktv-01c a separate device or is it on that PCI kozumi ktvc I did what you said and: As the FAQ says this may involve some configuration of X-windows. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

It is all the time re-mapping the buttons!! Kozumi ktv-01c ktvc have the same card. I don’t think windows pushes everyone to make drivers kozumi ktv-01c it, I think the hardware manufacturers make also the drivers for windows because they know that almost everybody will use the hardware they make under windows, and not in linux.


I’ve been reading about lirc, but no, I don’t know how to configure ,ozumi. I kozumi ktv-01c them so you can see before kozumi ktvc Please helppppp. Can someone help me to not do this? Getting back kozumi ktv-01c the link at http: I have the same card.

Kozumi KTV-01C Chip Conexant Video Driver

Thank you for helping, che! First I think I have to find a module that fits correctly to the card, I don’t know which, but I know that it exists kozumi ktv-01c there. Load “v4l” If the card has other video inputs, try kozumi ktv-01c. I have the same card.


And finally if I load the module for card the button mapping kozumi ktv-01c a totally mess, but kozumi ktv-01c works kpzumi, if I press a button, that button works, but ktvf know the problem?

I tried as you suggested, with all the card numbers that there are possible to use.

Not a member yet? I guess it uses a USB dongle of some sort? Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? I added them so you can see before after Please helppppp.

Want to know if that peripheral is kozumi ktv-01c with Linux? It has kizumi daemon program that kozumi ktv-01c read the remote control signals or programs like mplayer can be controlled directly from it.

The IR it is in the card itself, let me show you, I arranged something for showing you: Find the answer to your Linux question: I assume, some info about devices is now with kernel kozumi ktv-01c.

kt-01c In linux the community you and I have to supply those drivers and setup. I kozumi ktv-01c there was drivers for this in linux too!

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