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The printer is also PictBridge 1. After figuring out how to orient the paper tray cover, I plugged in the printer, connected it to my network, and turned it on. If you try to re-insert it – even if it’s full – the printer sees it as empty. It won’t take up too much room on your desk and the photo quality is good – shame it’s a bit noisy, though. The DL isn’t exactly svelte but it’s not as elephantine as most other laser printers.

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I popped the installation CD into my Shuttle and was greeted by the Minolta splash screen. After deciphering hopefully correctly all of the pictures, I went about pulling off a number of plastic tabs with strings attached and a fair amount of tape. The printer is also PictBridge 1. Our Verdict It won’t take up too much room on your desk and the photo quality is good – shame it’s a bit noisy, though. The only thing missing from the list is support for PostScript printing.

It won’t take up too much room on your desk and the photo quality is good – shame it’s a bit noisy, though.

It bumps and grinds as those cartridges spin around the paper path, making it noisier than many other laser printers and most inkjets. Given the huge cost advantage over inkjets, getting a color laser printer was a no-brainer. However, I wanted hassle-free printing from my PC and Windows laptop, and having a truly networked printer seemed like the best way to achieve that end.

Against Noisy No edge-to-edge printing.

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You install the drivers and when you go to add the printer, you’ll either see it listed on the printer list if it’s attached locally, or it will show up under “Bonjour Printers. They’re inexpensive, they’re great for printing out photos and they do a nice job with text. I entered the printer’s IP address which you can get either from your router or the LCD printer menu and after a few seconds, it popped up. All the other Macs on the network were able to print to it using USB printer sharing.


Black and white images – which have a rich tonal scale – take 15 seconds for the first print and two seconds for each additional one. The printer is rated to output 35, copies a month with a predicted longevity for both colour and minola and white photos of more than years.

Konica Minolta Magicolor DL color laser printer | Ars Technica

Where they fall short is in the high-volume, high-speed printing department. From the final screen I elected to print a test page and make it the default printer for my Konifa. But don’t let it get too up-close and personal. Regardless of paper type or weight, your prints will have a matte-satin finish. Unfortunately, Konica Minolta chose the pictogram route with the setup manual.

I also wanted to be able to print out large numbers of color pages without worrying about using my precious color ink up. For High quality photo output Low cost-per-print Very fast Networkable.

The DL is limited in both output size to A4 and Letter sizes, and the paper types it can use are also limited. In addition to 2,dpi, you can print minoltw and 1,dpi but there’s little point in doing so; there’s no increase in speed and only a penny or two konixa on toner per image.


The installer politely informed me that I needed administrative privileges in order to install the drivers. The Konica Minolta magicolor DL knocks out beautiful colour images that are virtually indistinguishable from inkjet photos printed on matte papers.

Konica Minolta magicolor DL | TechRadar

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Its toner cartridges rotate instead of being fixed inline, trimming its size to about xxmm weight to 20kg – so it’ll fit almost anywhere. But even after we boosted the 32MB of onboard RAM by MB required for fully-featured PictBridge operation the results were slow and erratic; that’s more the fault of the cameracontrolled PictBridge software than the printer.

If you try to re-insert it – even if it’s full – the printer sees it as empty. I was able to discern from the picture of the printer with a stopwatch next to it with the notation “3 min. My first thought upon opening the box was “geez, where am I going to konia this behemoth?

As I said before, inkjets have their uses. Sure enough, after around seconds of churning koncia other printerish noises, the green ready light began blinking and I was on my way to home networked laser printing. At normal viewing distance it looks like a smooth, continuous tone photo. Even when using draft mode, inkjets are not speed demons.