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LSI provides Linux-version of this utility and related lib in rpm packages. There are numerous writeups, walkthroughs and howtos on how to get software RAID working with dmraid , here is one specifically written for Ubuntu users. The GB drives are faster than 64GB drives simply due to memory density. Why is it that windows handles it without a driver? Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

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Thanks again for confirming you are also getting bottlenecked by the ICH10R. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

Hi bros, lspci -v shows this: Fakeraid is generally on motherboards, but a lot of add in cards have it too. I presume that the ASUS chipset is supported natively by Windows, like most common hardware, but I haven’t actually looked it up.

Sign up using Facebook. Saturday, December 29, icy10r The 4K Thread scores went up by approximately a factor of four for both reads and writes, yet the sequential reads went up by a factor of three. RAID1 is mirroring and no striping, and it works fine with no extra effort.

ICH10R RAID support in Ubuntu

ATTO Benchmark ATTO has been one of my longstanding favorite benchmarks as it usually gives a different view of drive performance than a lot of the other quick benchmarks available. These are very inexpensive drives without rebates so I have purchased quite a few of them.


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The devices comprising the RAID show up as discrete, independent disks. And also, I like to monitor the hard disk status without stopping the machine, it hosts some web sites. I have used CrystalDiskMark and an older one at that at version 2. So, hopefully someone in this community can point me in the right direction — either how to do it, or that it’s just not possible. Feel free to either write a more detailed answer to your own question and mark it as the “correct answer” for the posterity or just mark this one as “correct” to give a hint to future readers.

Intel Core i7 Motherboard: The earliest kernel where I found that support is: Visit Bruce Hill’s homepage! A few notes on the test setup. Last edited by tskuzzy; at Second, I did run the test with three drives on the ICH10R and the maximum performance did not change much.

Intel® RAID Controller Hubs—Linux* Support

After banging my head against this a while longer, I thought I’d change tack and see where it led. Tags drivesataseagateubuntu Thread Tools. If it’s just not possible I’d like to know so that I don’t sink more time into a lost cause. For the benefit of searchers, this person has an identical problem, only with a slightly different chipset; http: I limux surprised that nobody has jumped in here to help you yet as we do have some Linux experts on the forum.


In fact, some people have hinted that the ICH10R may not be supported. Basically, it’s an on-board embedded megaraid, I create the raid array in BIOS with megaraid utility, then installed ubuntu normally on the array without any further driver installation lspci show me this: Post as a guest Name.

Sandforce drive makers like to tout ATTO scores but they are not really representative of real-world performance for most people. It was a fake raid. Surely if it’s hardware raid ubuntu shouldn’t be able to see individual drives, and if it’s software I’d have needed to install some software on windows? The GB drives are faster than 64GB drives simply due to memory density.