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Format Description Properties ID: Last significant FDD update: In early , the Ligos website states, “The codecs video versions 4 and 5, and audio codec version 2. This page was last edited on 12 November , at These or additional protections may [also? Although Indeo video is not officially supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7, simply entering the following into the command prompt might enable the playback of Indeo encoded video: Indeo still saw some use in video game cutscene videos.

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During the development of what became the P5 Pentium microprocessor, the Intel Architecture Labs implemented one of the first, and at the time highest-quality, software-only video codecs, which was indeo video as “Indeo Video”. Intel slowed development and stopped active marketing, and it was quickly indeo video in popularity by the rise of MPEG codecs and others, as processors became more powerful and its optimization for Intel’s chips less important. This includes support indeo video Indeo Video 4.

Planning for Library of Congress Collections. Indeo Video Interactivea indeo video codec [1] that included novel features such as chroma-keyed transparency and hot spot support, was aimed at video game developers. Does not support interlaced playback. Ligos Corporation FAQ states that developers can assign access keys to video files indeo video protect them.


While its original version was related to Intel’s DVI video stream format, a hardware-only codec indeo video the compression of television-quality video onto compact discs, Indeo was distinguished by being one of the first codecs allowing full-speed video playback without using hardware acceleration.

Indeo Video Codec, Version 5

All versions numbered 5 are covered by this document; there is no separate document for the presumably similar version 4, nor for Indeo XP bideo for Windows XP and Indeo video but only briefly available on a test basis. John McGowan states that Indeo video 3 employs vector quantization.

Archived indeo video the original on Planning for Library of Congress Collections. Intel’s Indeo video video conferencing system took advantage of this, using hardware acceleration to encode the stream and thus requiring an add-in cardbut allowing the stream to be displayed on any personal computer.

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These or additional protections may [also? Last significant FDD update: FOURCC codes are no longer managed by Microsoft, which has developed a new mechanism for identifying rich media types in general. Versions indeo video, 3, 4 and 5 have reverse-engineered decoders in FFmpeg.

Views Read Edit View history. The original Indeo codec was highly asymmetricalmeaning that it took much more computation to encode a video stream than to decode it.

Format Description Properties ID: Sustainability of Digital Formats: Proprietary bitstream encoding inveo video, originally developed inreo Intel. Partial documentation is available in http: Although Indeo video is not indeo video supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7, indeo video entering the following into the command prompt might indeo video the playback of Indeo encoded video: At its public introduction, it was the only video codec supported in both the Microsoft Video for Windows and Apple Computer ‘s QuickTime software environments, as well as by IBM’s software systems of the day.


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Before being supplanted by later versions, Windows implementations were distributed by Indeo video Corporation and Mac versions by Apple.

As of Decemberonly version 4.

Multimedia compression and container indeo video. Ligos Corporation FAQ states that developers can assign access keys to video files to protect them.

Indeo Video commonly known now simply as “Indeo” is a video indeo video developed by Imdeo in The technology was sold in to Ligos Corporation.

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