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But disabling the Marvell Yukon seems to work so far. I have XP installed on two partitions without any trouble, the system runs perfectly stable. Thank you and to all the guys will help me. Here’s where it gets kind of interesting. However, this issue has been around for a long time, and there’s no excuse for a company as big as Intel to have not tracked down a fix yet. They still need to respond, but I will keep you posted on my progress And will new drivers be integrated into a final Jan GA release build?

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RAID array visible to Vista.

I wrote to Maxtor, the answer is: Sata it is totally nuts. A couple of questions: Let’s make sure that we all report thr problems to ASUS tech support direct reports using the web form and make lots of noise about it on the ASUS forums. Saturday, March 3, 6: We’re talking about a different family of RAID controller s and a different OS, but I note that the later firmware upgrade discussed in the thread you linked is the same firmware upgrade I was sent but haven’t yet tried.


Dear Sir, Thank you for your kindly mail and inquiry. Ciao, ottimo italiano, da dove scrivi?

AOpen MP945 Raid Driver R5.7.0.1011

We as customers deserve MORE!!!!! It went though quickly and painlessly. They now informed me to do the following: I can confirm that the problem occurs with RAID1 as well. I am still having the same problem. Resources for IT Ich7mg. I have been using Acronis for a while.

kern/ [ata] detach raid member and reboot will cause panic (ICH7)

Same problem here, 2 systems one with p5b del. I got the drivers from http: I have read so many different ways to fix this and everyone has a different fix.

Errors came every 2 minutes, to the second, when I was using the computer, and otherwise every 7 minutes of 15 minutes when the computer was idle. My specifc problem and research has led to things that might help some of you. Issues Resolved in Production Version 6. Hi guys, I’m following this thread for some while now, because I have the same problem on the Asus P5B-E Plus iaStor0 did not respond within time limit on Vista 64bit I contacted Intel about this problem, but they keep responding with “We cannot replicate the problem”.


And now it gets interesting: I had a couple of spare hours, so I tried Francis’ suggestion: He is using the earliest BIOS version, that shipped on the motherboard. Restart from the RAID array. Perhaps this can solve your problems.

AOpen MP945-VX Raid Driver R5.7.0.1011

Saturday, February 24, 1: I have XP installed on two partitions without any trouble, the system runs perfectly stable. Marvell is enabled btw!

Monday, March 19, 1: Otherwise, someone was mentioning that Seagate Sunday, March 11, 4: They were apparently unaware of this issue ocurring and at ich7jr got me to run a series of drive tests.