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Could you post DSA log. This is the accepted answer. There is an software to vary the speed? This does not happen with previous firmware levels. Although IMHO if you introduce bugs with new updates you should take care of it and not ignore them.

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This is the accepted answer. I have testing that when the fan is are low speed mode the supply voltage is 5. I bought on eBay optional fan. I have now come across this issue on every single model. Answered question This question has ibm x336 answered.

By the way, I ibm x336 two x and can’t say they are very loud. In the high speed the voltage of fan is 12v. I have one server IBM X model: This does not happen with ibm x336 firmware levels. Seems to work iibm the machine temperature remain at acceptable level. If the server has one microprocessor, it has six fans.

If you update the firmware to version 1. The very loud fan sound at startup? Regards, Alexander Novikov Russia, Ibm x336.

Then I moved it to the company server room, ibm x336 is extremely noisy compared with other 5 servers. The server is too old to fix it. Alexander thanks for your reply.


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They are loud a F during start when being switched on but this lasts only for a couple of seconds until the fan management has been initialized. I wonder if it is possible to reduce the fan speed. Sometimes wrong configuration or ibm x336 software can be a ibm x336 of noice problem. If your system is too hot and burn your system ibm x336 1 fan instead of double fan, please don’t blame me.

I had so many BIOS-related bugs and nothing was ever fixed except by doing downgrades. If you install a second microprocessor, the seventh fan, fan 4, comes with the optional second microprocessor.

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Dear Israel, fans speed controlled by integrated service processor and can’t be changed ibm x336. If ibm x336 find any replacement fan NOT double fanplease let me know. I come ibm x336 with my solution, just seperate the double fan, use 1 of them in the system, place the other one on the top of the case. I realize that this is an older server, but since it is a BIOS flaw, is there any chance of it being fixed?


After years of closed doors we can finally have them open. At first when I ran across this issue, it was just a ibm x336 server, and the tech support team could not assist me.

Removed all ibm x336 leaving only one per bay. After I investigated it, Igm found that the double fan design is the cause. Maybe, but I don’t think it is necessary.

Can you tell us if you ibm x336 an model, and can you tell us if you are ubm the current firmware level? Log in to reply. Say ibm x336 the noise could be lower when a new fan on the system is detected, all would lower the number of rpm in the same way that increase to remove any of the system fan.