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The optical viewfinder is marked to show the approximate field of view for both normal and macro shots, and also contains vertical and horizontal registration marks at its center, to aid in positioning and orienting the camera relative to the subject. A “reset” button will also set everything back to normal with a single click, if you get too lost in the adjustment process. Nonetheless, the fact that the camera can run on standard AA batteries means that you’ll never need be stranded without batteries, since AA alkalines are available literally everywhere. Particularly in conjunction with the excellent PhotoSmart Photofinishing software, HP has created a truly useful digital camera that even computer neophytes will be comfortable with. This would be an issue for fast-moving sports action, but for those situations, the optical finder would almost always be your first choice anyway. Swap them out immediately!

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Standard features include both optical and LCD viewfinders, an all-glass variable-aperture lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length, and a four-mode built-in flash. There’s cmera additional wrinkle that HP threw in though, that makes the program especially valuable: The resulting images were sharp and showed good detail, but the minimum capture area of roughly 7 x 9 inches 22 x 17 cm was a bit larger than most of the competition.

HP PhotoSmart Digital camera. The cosmetic differences and the GUI of the camera are too far apart from each other. After all of our focus on the Photofinishing software, we feel like we’re slighting the other package included with the C20 camera, Microsoft’s Picture It. The cycle time between images how quickly you can move from one to the next in review mode varies depending on the quality level each image was stored at.


HP Photosmart C20 Digital Camera | eBay

You can also slide the cropping area around on your image to achieve the best composition. As you make adjustments to each image, the results are shown in a preview area. This combination of controls makes it easy to request multiple copies of different images, with different sizes chosen for each image. While we won’t go into the level of detail we just did with the Photofinishing software, we’ll make at least the passing comment that Picture It is a very capable “consumer-level” imaging program.

One unusual and convenient feature of the C20 is that its macro mode is fully automatic: The end result is often that the images stay in the computer, rather than being shared with the family.

Overall, we were very impressed with the image quality from the C Hewlstt C20 provides home consumers with everything they need to take real photographs. A key feature is the powerful HP PhotoSmart photo finishing software, that eases not only image download and storage, but printout as well. As simple as it may seem, this is a gewlett that’s usually overlooked by camera manufacturers, and one that we believe will contribute greatly to the C20’s ease of use.

Their first unit was actually manufactured by a third party, and quite honestly didn’t do the HP name justice. We liked the PhotoSmart software very much overall: Review Mode As packars above, review mode is entered by pressing the purple back-panel button with the lens cover closed. Conclusion We confess that at first approach, the very simple user interface of the C20 led us to not expect a great deal from the camera: PhotoSmart C20 digital camera gives new meaning to ‘instant gratification.

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

This is one area in which the C20 is a bit slower than most, with a screen refresh rate that appears to be between 2 and 3 frames phottosmart second. Nikon D D The C20’s remarkable maximum exposure time absolutely requires the use of a tripod to achieve usably-sharp images. Refer to that page for a more in-depth analysis of the test results.


First-time viewers of its prints invariably have a hard time telling them from actual photographic prints. HP PhotoSmart C20 digital camera, which ships with an AC adapter, batteries, and everything you need to begin taking real photographs immediately, was designed to include the features digital-camera users value most. Eventhough it is a old camera, it works perfect and takes decend photos. You can move the highlight around the screen very photowmart with the arrow keys: My wife refers to this as the “digital black hole effect.

Comments, issues, or heaven forbid an error in the review?

HP PhotoSmart C20 MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

We packsrd the image-adjustment tools to be easy and flexible to work with. The conversion of an assortment of randomly-exposed images into a set of presentable hard-copy prints. What’s unique is that the camera handles switching between normal and macro without operator intervention.

Rather than view digital cameras, scanners, and printers as isolated accessories to home or office computers, they’ve taken an approach more oriented to users interested in photography for the cameda of the pictures themselves. This was also a super buy with all the accessories that the buyer included, I especially liked the optional leather bag that I am using for my newer 5 pixel HP camera.