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Had to use USB ones. The person this hackintosh is for, she’s not so happy. But honestly instead of doing that you can simply go for the method I mentioned above and sort it out. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Great and you’re genius!!!! Should it work on Restart your PC and it’ll work for sure.

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I confirm that 2 finger scrolling does also work for me after changing the speed.

The new driver works and does not freeze for me. We probably won’t be able to help with any AMD-related issues.

Trackpad gestures on Laptop Dell Gaming : hackintosh

The person this hackintosh is for, she’s not so happy. Oh sorry I didn’t read it hackuntosh. I’ve worked very hard on this driver especially ELAN v2, 4 and Focaltech without hardware and will try to continue support in future. Don’t try placing any krxts in the clover bootloaderthat could cause a panic. Click here to learn Keyboard features: Posted December 19, Pretty sure some of those will be recognized like native apple hardware. And there is a problem, at the beginning I had to install new kext to recognise my CSR dongle and that nearly worked.

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ELAN, FocalTech and Synaptics (Smart Touchpad) Driver (Mac OS X) – Smart Touchpad –

I can’t get the three finger left right work Nothing happen when i swipe from left to right with three fingers I have been looking for the name of the touchpad everywhere in this computer, and I dont seem to find it.

Please make sure to flair your posts by clicking the “flair” button below the post. Keep it clean No torrent links or P2P of copyrighted material: Supports up to three fingers touch.

Most of the kexts for the touchpad basically use keyboard shortcuts, if I’m not mistaken though I might beand the experience just isn’t smooth. In case I fail to keep up like I promised above, then I will give up and release all of my tracpkad to others to continue. Check out the brand-new FAQ! There are been widespread reports of bluetooth problems in Yosemite, not just for hackintoshes.

If your question has already been posted before even if not by youplease make sure to read the other post before posting. Also, I am gonna give weekly update on my progress if possible when I have finished my milestones. Questions Must Have Adequate Information: But i need your support so i can get more time to spend on these projects for improvements. Understand your patience is really needed here, as I do not want to rush and have limited time of mine.

This sub is dedicated to legally obtained copies of OS X. I have trackpd done some analysis on my project, and figured that I had to do some major code rewrite most of the code was depending around work arounds which are not optimized well for the time being back then in order rtackpad better support future hardwares and also improve features with ease. Good news is that I was able to sort some of my issues, and find some time to continue my projects again.



I’ve seen a youtube video of people converting a macbook trackpad to a usb trackpad. Already have an account?

Create an hwckintosh or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Most trackpads use USB to communicate with the system, and these use the voodops2controller kext or the appleps2smarttouchpad kext.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Do you guys know a way to find out? I want to change the plist on this kext to leave my hackintosh trackpad shortcuts as good as my previous mac Edit: