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Usually leaving most of the settings at ‘SPD’ is probably appropriate especially since some aggresive memory setting may not allow your computer to finish booting or become unstable. Tough decision on the card. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They just couldn’t support all of the features and the drivers were often buggy, had poor performance or suffered graphical glitches. Also tried reinstalling driver but didn’t solve the problem. I got this to get ready for CMBB. I’ve run the AGP version of the card myself and it has done fine just downsampled the background textures and grass.

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It’ll work with less, but won’t look as good. Only one major board-vendor, Hercules, made any real effort to ship a Savage3D product.

Only the high-quality texture capability from prodavage S3TC support gave it good mind share with the gaming community. Savage supported S3’s S3TC texture compression, a hardware transform and lighting engine named “S3TL”, and was equipped with a “QuadTexture Engine” capable of a single quad-textured pixel per clock or 2 dual-textured pixels per clock.

Have you found any later ones?

S3 ProSavage DDR 13.01.09 WHQL (Windows 95/98/ME)

I got this to get ready for CMBB. I’m not sure if they completely work under WinXP either I don’t think that they do. BB code is On.


Typically increasing the speed by lowering teh values will most likely result in more video noise rather than less. I patched my CMBO to 1.

Driver for S3 graphics Prosavage DDR

BJ – what OS are you using? An AGP card should work fine and improve prodavage situation quite a bit though there probably isn’t much of a difference between a Voodoo PCI card and the AGP version from what I’ve read about 3dfx products. You are currently viewing LQ rdr a guest. They added single-pass multi-texturing, meaning the board could sample 2 textures per pixel in one pass not one clock cycle through the rendering engine instead of halving its texture fillrate in dual-textured games like Savage 3D.

S3 Graphics Pro Savage DDR is driving me insane! – TechSpot Forums

VIA now owns S3 and they’ve been using the video logic cores in their motherboard chipsets lately. It following the above instructions don’t fix it, try restarting PC after uninstalling the old driver and before installing the new one.

BSOD is driving me insane! I will tinker tomorrow with your suggestions in the driver i have. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

But experimenting with the settings in these two submenus may be a start. I hope you guys work on commision.


Already have an account? Whether the issues are a result of poor drivers or defective hardware is unknown. Join the community hereit only takes a minute.

Are you saying that it is now all of a sudden slower or are you talking about something else? S3 Graphics graphics processors. I have no idea if the S3 ProSavage changes its behavior with this setting or not. Yes, Prosavvage know about the wrong column. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

Thanks very much for the reply. However the other problem is driver quality, which you’re seeing here. Anyway, it won’t let me play anything. Its innovative feature-set included the following:. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

Typically smaller numbers for these settings indicate faster times. It will probably only offer monitor timing and display adjustments rather than full DirectX and OpenGL adjustments. I also tried making the system run in x at all kinds of screen refreshes, nada.